The territorial community of the city of Vinnytsia was the first in Ukraine to proclaim the Green Deal as the basis for urban development and joined the practices of the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.
According to the Vinnytsia City Council press service, the relevant statement was signed by Vinnytsia Mayor Serhiy Morhunov during a session of the city council, in the presence of senior officials from the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian parliament and the ambassador of the European Union in Ukraine Matti Masikas.
Such a step will allow the regional center to engage in new mechanisms and innovative ideas to improve the urban space, solve environmental problems, mobilize additional investments, in particular for the energy and industrial renewal of companies and systems to support the urban life.
Morhunov said that all-Ukraine joining the Green Deal is at the stage of forming the roadmap. However, Ukrainian cities are already moving in the right direction.
Vinnytsia’s Green Deal is a logical continuation of the company’s long-term plans, set out both in Vinnytsia’s integrated urban development concept until 2030, and in Strategy 3.0, a plan for the development of communities throughout the region. The priority is the “green” economy, smart specialization, an affordable, safe and environmentally friendly environment,” the city’s mayor said.
He said that Vinnytsia is implementing advanced European experience, it is not the first time. Thus, in 2015, the city was the first in Eastern Europe to receive the European energy hallmark, and in 2019 confirmed the high status of a regional energy-efficient center. Programs for the efficient consumption of energy resources, the launch of environmentally friendly city transport, electric trams and buses, are being developed here.
“We strive to involve international experts and financial resources for the implementation of green projects that we have in our plans,” Morhunov said.
In turn, Maasikas said that on a continent as highly urbanized as Europe, cities and citizens play a key role in responding to climate change.
Maasikas said he is happy that the city and Ukrainian residents are actively working on the green transformation of society. According to the diplomat, since the announcement in 2019 of the European Green Deal, he has set the direction for transformational change and this is the EU’s new growth strategy. It reflects the idea of ​​the transition of the whole economy towards a green economy. He also said that Ukraine shares these hopes.


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