Ukraine hopes to get EU candidate status within a month

Ukraine has completed the first part of the questionnaire for EU accession, is preparing the answers to the second part of the questionnaire regarding the acquis communautaire (EU legal standards) and hopes to receive the status of a candidate country to join the EU. EU next month.

Aliona Shkrum, a member of the Verkhovna Rada’s commission on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, said this during her visit to Brussels following a meeting with MEPs, according to a correspondent of Ukrinform.

“The first question we asked was joining the European Union. It’s not all as simple as we would like, but we have to obtain the status of a candidate country in the coming month. […] I think it’s not just a symbol for Ukraine. We deserve it and we are ready to do it economically,” the Ukrainian politician said.

She noted that Ukraine has done a lot of work and has already completed the first part of the European Commission’s questionnaire on the country’s readiness to join the EU and is currently working on the second part of the questionnaire regarding the compliance of the countries with EU law, the so-called acquis communautaire.

“I don’t think the second questionnaire was necessary at all. We are following the procedure for obtaining candidate status for membership. But I think from the first questionnaire it was clear that we are ready for this. S “There’s a second questionnaire, well, we’ll quickly fill in the second one as well. It’s not a question for Ukraine, it’s a question for our European partners,” Shkrum said.

She said she was convinced that Ukraine would become a member of the EU within a year and that during the accession process it should not be artificially “attached” to other countries.

“With all due respect, we cannot be combined with Moldova or Georgia. We have to go our own way. Ukraine has made huge progress in [implementing] 70% of our association agreement, in integration into European markets, in integration into the gas sector, etc. This problem [concerning EU membership] Its very important. We spoke about it with the European commissioners and the president of the European Parliament,” she said.

On April 18, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Matti Maasikas, with a completed questionnaire on Ukraine’s obtaining EU candidate country status. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen handed over the questionnaire to the Ukrainian side during her visit to Kyiv on April 8.

On April 18, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishina said that Ukraine had already received the second part of the questionnaire, so the government team will do everything possible to complete this part as soon as possible.

Zelensky signed Ukraine’s application for membership of the European Union on February 28, 2022.

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