Top 3 Crypto Bets for August 2022 and Beyond GryffinDAO Nexo and Quant

Cryptocurrencies have grown beyond being simple payment mechanisms and are now seen as stores of value and investment instruments. These digital assets offer a unique combination of high security, decentralized governance and high transaction speeds. A market that operates 24/7 throughout the year also allows for unparalleled liquidity and access to trading. GryffinDAO (GDAO), Nexo (NEXO) and Quant (QNT) are three cryptocurrency tokens that could offer potentially high returns in the future. Read on to learn more about the utilities offered by these three coins.

GryffinDAO introduces stable revenue via DeFi for retail participants

The GryffinDAO is a highly decentralized ecosystem that will be powered by the native token, GDAO. It will offer decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions to retail participants.

The GDAO token will be asset-backed and offer unparalleled reliability and will not lose value during times of extreme volatility. This characteristic makes it the ideal currency to power transactions. Holders will benefit from potential long-term appreciation of the token and be able to counter volatility as it is backed by a basket of assets.

The ecosystem will include support for the NFT gaming platform and users will be able to trade and trade these digital assets through the native platform. This will provide an additional source of income for holders of the GDAO token.

The GDAO Token will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain but will also support cross-chain functionality. It will allow users to trade across multiple networks easily and quickly. It will also provide compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine.

Holders of the coin will be able to earn additional revenue streams through staking and liquidity mining. Yield farming options will allow holders to earn additional earnings across multiple blockchain networks. Users will also be able to save on expensive gas charges.

The network will be governed decentralized through a DAO, and holders of the GDAO token will have the right to vote on community proposals. The GDAO token will be made available for purchase via presale at very attractive prices.

Nexo Introduces No-Fee Model for Crypto Purchases

Nexo is a cryptocurrency lending solution powered by the NEXO token. For a limited period, it has introduced a free model for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Interested users can go to the official website and get coins without paying anything extra. The Nexo platform makes it easy to borrow by offering collateral in the form of common accepted cryptocurrencies. It will soon introduce an over-collateralization model to ensure that bad players cannot exploit the system. The NEXO token has provided excellent returns in the past and can also be considered for the long term. It offered DeFi solutions and the possibility of taking out loans at very attractive interest rates.

Quant presents beta version of Overledger Tokenise

The Quant network was developed to offer highly scalable interoperable payment solutions. It is one of the pioneer blockchain networks that has been actively working to solve interoperability issues between different blockchain networks. The Quant network uses a native token called QNT. QNT Network recently announced the launch of Overledger Tokenise which will enable easy deployment of interoperable tokens across its network and other chains. The QNT token could witness a rally in the short term and can also be seen in the long term.

These three cryptocurrencies can be added in the long term because they offer a large number of utilities. All three have introduced DeFi solutions for their users and are also working on interoperable solutions. Avoid trading in the short term as cryptocurrencies tend to exhibit high volatility, but a long-term strategy can potentially provide higher returns. Always do your own research (DYOR) and evaluate a project based on its usefulness and track record

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