The perfect Star Wars game would be a mashup of everyone else

the Star wars the franchise has dominated much of the sci-fi landscape for decades, serving as a pop culture centerpiece ever since New hope released in theaters in 1977. Now a global phenomenon, it’s hard to imagine where the world would be without Star wars, simply because of the impact it has had. Included in this umbrella is an impressive suite of video games, although the perfect Star wars the game has not yet been made.

It doesn’t mean that nothing came close. Although subjective, there is Star wars games out there that seem to be universally loved, Knights of the Old Republic to be the shining example of what can be done when passionate developers have the resources to create something amazing.

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For all the praise piled on Knights of the Old Republic, however, it is not without flaws. The combat system, in particular, is lackluster, and in the context of 2021, it looks particularly dated. It’s a hands-off system that offers little control and doesn’t show how deadly a lightsaber should be. The problem is mitigated by some great role-playing opportunities and one of the most iconic video game twists to date, but it’s still a problem that’s hard to ignore.

Look elsewhere and similar problems start to appear. the Battle front games, both pre and post-EA, managed to capture what galactic warfare should look like in the Star wars universe, but players repeat the same battles over and over again, without the ability to stretch their legs on a leisurely stroll through Coruscant or make their way through Tatooine while dehydrated. Likewise, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Fallen Order offer excellent saber combat, but fail to evade the sense of linearity, with a few exceptions.

The Perfect Star Wars Game

star wars knights of the old republic

DNA for a perfect Star wars The game has always seemed obvious: gamers want to be able to explore the universe however they want, so let them. It’s not quite a possibility, however. The elevator pitch for the perfect Star wars the game should almost be the same as the pitch for Star Citizen – that would also be unrealistic by extension, too. Instead of, what Star wars really needs to capture the universe mosaics presented by other games and couple them into a cohesive product.

Star wars fans have had a very specific take on the galaxy far, far away over the past few decades, and capturing that iconography well is something many games have struggled to do. The franchise has changed a lot over the course of its lifespan, making it more difficult to determine what fits the universe well and what doesn’t. Take into account the perception of Disney as a family business and things get even more complicated.

Star wars has become a balancing act of paying homage to the original films, moving the franchise forward, and making sure it’s as widely marketable as possible. All of these things combined can strain any project, but the complexity of making a video game means they will be disproportionately affected by bureaucracy. If this is the problem for all Star wars games out there, why not focus on just one?

A Star Wars game to rule them all

Star Wars Name Title

In recent years, the deployment of Star wars games were relatively slow. While there have been a few solid new games to grace screens, EA’s exclusive license to create Star wars games was a bit missed. Of them Battle front games and a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are the most notable projects to come from the event, and not all have been well received. There’s more on the horizon now than Ubisoft does Star wars games, but it’s been a surprisingly lackluster few years.

This handful of Star wars games raises the question of how the franchise should, ideally, be run. But there is a simple, yet risky solution to the situation that could pay off if handled well. One and complete Star wars game that basically functions as a life simulator, allowing players to explore a fully realized galaxy against the backdrop of Star wars.

Obviously, that’s not quite doable, at least not in the way most Star wars the fans will jump on it. Rather imagine something like this Star wars Galaxies or Star Wars: The Old Republic, but with more emphasis on clean combat mechanics and scale action segments. A fully open galaxy is just not doable, but being able to explore a handful of iconic planets and cities before falling into one Battle front-size conflict would check pretty much every box, especially if such a game were to implement post-style lightsaber combat Fallen Order or Jedi outcast.

Realistically, the chances of something like this happening are slim – it would be just too ambitious to be realistic. But for Star wars, a game that nails all the mechanics that gamers are looking for would be revolutionary, rather than a quality game stream, but with one major flaw. On the bright side, Disney has the resources to do just about anything, and with a push for the High Republic setting going on right now, maybe fans will see some games play out during this time, which could be closer to perfect Star wars game than ever.

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