‘The Muppet Show’ on Disney +: 10 best episodes


Original broadcast date: December 28, 1980

Why you might recognize her: Either for one of the two films which won her the Oscar for best actress – 1969 Women in love and 1973 A touch of class – or for one of the two comedies in which she co-starred with Walter Matthau (years 1978 Home visits and the 80s Hopscotch).

Why the episode stands out: Because it is arguably the strangest episode of the five seasons of the series… and, my boy, it is this to say something ! Granted, season five was when The puppet show let her freak flag fly more than a few times – this was, after all, the same season that Carol Burnett had to endure a dance marathon that took place throughout her episode – but Jackson is on a whole new level , and it starts that way from the very beginning, when she shows up at the theater with a penguin in tow. No, scratch that: it even starts before that, with Pops on the phone, asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, adding, “And make sure this talks!” Jackson and his penguin arrive immediately after this bizarre moment, and in no time she is revealed to be Black Jackson the Heartless Pirate Captain, his penguin reveals that he is in fact a parrot in disguise, and the two are soon joined by several pirates. companions as they requisition the episode and the theater, which has apparently turned into a ship… like, to the point that it tips over and appears as one too!

Best song: Gonzo and his chickens singing “Working at the Car Wash Blues” by Jim Croce

Best sketch: The absolutely insane grand finale, which – in addition to the inevitable medley of maritime favorites – also features the Flying Zucchini Brothers, a plethora of explosions, a few pirate trolls and a sword fight between Kermit and Glenda Jackson.

Worst pun: One of the pirates asks if parrots have always been able to talk, and Parrot explains that the first talking parrot school was started over 2000 years ago by one of Ben Hur’s great aunts. When the pirate asks if the school was good, the parrot asks incredulously, “You mean you haven’t heard of the famous ‘Ben’s Aunts Pirates’?” (If you haven’t moaned right away, try reading those last four words aloud, but without pausing between the last two. You’re welcome.)

To concern The puppet show – Season 5, Episode 6 on Disney +


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