The most disruptive MBA startups of 2021: Capim, INSEAD


Industry: Financial services

Name (s) of the founding student: Marcelo Lutz and Roberto Biselli

Brief description of the solution: First buy now pay later for health services in Latin America.

Funding dollars: 2,450,000.00 USD (selection round)

What prompted you to embark on this adventure? I had previously worked in health care for six years and noticed how many Brazilians could not access health services with higher tickets due to lack of financial options. At the same time, Roberto had worked on several credit projects and discovered how market leaders could develop internal financial structures to offer their clients as credit solutions. Unfortunately, the small and medium-sized players did not have the same expertise or the same capital to lend.

With this scenario, we met in the first week of the MBA at INSEAD, took part in the INSEAD Venture Competition and ended up winning it! With the prize of 40,000.00 EUR, we launched the MVP in the middle of the MBA, entirely remote in Brazil, and then conducted a fundraiser.

What has been your greatest success so far with venture? In less than 2 months after the MBA, we have assembled a formidable team of 21 people and helped more than 300 patients access essential health services.

How has your MBA program helped you move this start-up business forward? I met my partner and life friend in MBA. Also, the community of friends and teachers was essential in giving us the courage to give up the professional careers of consulting and private equity that we had in order to pursue our entrepreneurial dream!

Which founder or entrepreneur inspired you to start your own entrepreneurial adventure? How did it prove to be motivating for you?

We were inspired by a friend in particular, who did an MBA at INSEAD 2 years ago and also started a business right after in Brazil. He showed us that we can think big and, with a lot of effort, make our dreams come true!

Which MBA class was the most valuable in building your startup and what was the biggest lesson you learned from it? There weren’t any specific courses, but during the entire MBA at INSEAD we came across different entrepreneurship courses that were really important to our journey.

Which teacher has made a significant contribution to your projects and why? Ben Ling. He runs the IVC and is currently our largest angel investor. We log in every week and his advice is crucial to us!

What is your long term goal with your startup? We dream of helping the 160 million Brazilians, who do not have a health plan, to access the private health ecosystem, truly making health care in our country universal.


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