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LAGUNA BEACH, California, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In the summer of 1975 inventor Josh reynolds and former US Congressman Joseph DioGuardi “Shocked the world” with their release from the Mood Stone ring. Now it’s about to reappear as a “physical” NFT. The asset is owned by NFT Creative Enterprises, LLC funded by former US Congressman, author and human rights activist, Joseph DioGuardi, CPA.

Reynolds was an exhausted “mindfulness” teacher on Wall Street who achieved “fame” by appearing on The Merv Griffin Show as a biofeedback stress management guru. The “mood stone” was developed as a “thermal biosensor” after a year of R&D. Seven distinct “stone” colors were correlated with relative emotions – from fear and anxiety (cold hands) to deep relaxation, happiness and passion (warm hands). The well-known oval stone and sterling silver ring went into series production and the 1st smart wearable was born.

Immediately after its release in August 1975 a massive wave of public relations swept across the country and the retail industry was unleashed. Unfortunately, the same goes for copy rings with their mood stone imitations set in cheap base metal rings. The market didn’t care – a report $ 250 million of “mood rings” sold in just 4 months. Famous owners of the original are said to have included Barbara Streisand, Cher, Joe namath, Ali macgraw, Polly bergen and Sophie loren, among others.

Now, nearly half a century later, a rare original Mood Stone solid gold ring is about to be auctioned off as a “physical” NFT, allowing the winning bidder to physically own a piece of history, an iconic last name and a pop culture artifact. Reynolds, the mood ring designer would continue to develop several other household name products including the ThighMaster.

As an NFT physical asset, the ring is fully certified for its authenticity and provenance via a “smart contract”. Known as the Mattereum Passport, it contains only legally enforceable guarantees and assurances. This comprehensive certification helps build confidence in trading while improving the value and marketability of NFT. The offer also includes a utility bonus replica of the original gold ring with a new performance enhanced mood stone.

The NFT is expected to rise for a week of auction starting at Saturday 6 Novembere on the platform. At the end of the sale, a limited edition of 999 EthereuMood rings will go on sale at a fixed price. Details of all Offers and a link to the Venly market place are on the original mood ring landing page.

As part of a timely and socially responsible initiative, an associated company has launched a GoFundMe Crowdfunding page accepting donations to bring mood rings into public school systems. It will be associated with an emotional well-being program validated and developed by a university, already present in more than a dozen schools around the world. Adding the mood ring as a biofeedback device can help improve students’ visceral learning to better manage their stress, anger, and anxiety.

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SOURCE NFT Creative Enterprises, LLC

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