The international community in Albania congratulates the new government – Released

The OSCE Presence in Albania was among the first to publicly congratulate the new Albanian government after it was sworn in by President Meta this morning.

In a statement on Facebook, the OSCE announced that it was ready to “continue our existing commitments” with the Albanian government.

The Presence also indicated that it will work with the government to achieve the latter’s priorities, namely “the completion of the reform of the justice system, the fight against organized crime and corruption, the modernization of the security sector. Albanian, [and] electoral reform.

EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca also praised Prime Minister Rama on Twitter, saying he expects the new government to focus on European integration reforms.

Likewise, US Ambassador Yuri Kim also took to Twitter to express her congratulations to Prime Minister Rama and his new government.

Albanian President Ilir Meta was sworn in to the new Albanian government at 10 a.m. this Saturday, marking the start of Edi Rama’s third term as prime minister.

After the ceremony, Rama and his cabinet gathered in the Prime Minister’s office for their first official meeting where they will approve a number of bills and decisions.

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