The history of Europe’s largest sports trading companies

LONDON, September 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – It might be the weekend for the rest of us, but for BA employees, it’s the equivalent of a Monday morning, the busiest day of the week. , and their market opening bell is about to ring. BA has a huge amount of money at stake as they are in charge of Sports Trading’s biggest investment in Britain, estimated at £ 350million, in a good year.

Blockchain algorithms are suitable for weekend football. The first Premier League game of the weekend is about to begin. And with that, a weekly multi-million pound trade windfall also kicks off. Blockchain Algorithms can have £ 1million on the outcome of a single event in a match and more on the other nine that follow in the next 24 hours. But it is not a bookmaker.

This is Blockchain Algorithms, a company that treats sports trading like hedge funds treat stocks. Officially, it describes itself as a trading consultancy firm that uses complex statistical models to generate more accurate results than those offered by professional bookmakers. These are then negotiated for clients to help them beat the market. The company therefore acts more like a business advisor than a bookmaker – it does not take bets. But the top-secret company is also behind one of the most successful professional sports trade unions in the world, placing hundreds of millions of pounds in transactions each year on behalf of clients. Football is his biggest business …

The Algo442 trading system has gone largely unnoticed outside the world of professional sports trading, but we have spent the last few months investigating the company to understand how it works. We persuaded several former employees to speak on condition of anonymity, spoke to industry insiders, and combed through old newspaper clippings to piece together a definitive company story.

A former employee told Yahoo: “Every aspect of the sport you can think of has been considered. I guess that’s why they’re so good at what they do. The weather, the morale, anyone. linked to the club, they would be analyzed under the microscope, which was quite impressive.

The data generated by Blockchain Algorithms is connected to a very complex statistical computer model, built by another team, the “quants“. These are the computer aces that are usually found in investment banks.

These quants are based on the top floor desk and spend their days creating and maintaining an algorithm that not only gathers all the data points, but also decides the right weight for each.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of, an advice-sharing platform for hobby traders, says: “If they take a stand, they will definitely move the whole market. They go out of their way not to inform others of their position. “

“I can’t tell you from ‘last weekend they had this position’ – I don’t know. But what I can see is that the market has moved and that indicates that one of the big unions made a move. Especially on game day you know it’s the big boys who play. “

SOURCE Blockchain Algorithms

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