Synchrony Financial: CareCredit financing solution is now integrated with Sycle practice management software

Synchrony’s CareCredit financing solution is now integrated with Sycle’s practice management software

New integration offers audiology patients more financial opportunities to afford care

Stamford, CT December 7, 2021CareCredit, a solution from Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) and a leading provider of patient grant funding, is now integrated with Sycle, the hearing aid industry’s premier practice management platform. The new integration is designed to help hearing care professionals save time, increase productivity and provide patients with a funding option that makes it easier to advance the care they need for improved hearing health.

With the integration, practices can now process CareCredit credit card transactions directly from the payment screen in Sycle and automatically post them back to the patient book, saving time and minimizing human error. It is also easier to assist patients in applying for the CareCredit credit card. When a patient wishes to submit an application, the patient data is automatically transferred to the CareCredit application, so that the team only has to fill out a few information fields and click “Submit” to receive a credit decision within seconds. In addition, practices can use the Quickscreen® integration function from CareCredit to easily identify patients with prior approval or who already have a CareCredit credit card directly via their Sycle practice management software – even before they go to the practice. Knowing who has been pre-approved for CareCredit and who already has a card can make the financial conversation easier.

“As the leading provider of patient finance to the hearing care industry, we are excited to partner with Sycle, the largest provider of practice management software,” said Amar Malik, general manager, Sight and Sound, Synchrony. “We have a common goal and that is to offer solutions that help streamline healthcare processes, increase productivity and remove barriers that could prevent patients from receiving recommended treatment.”

“The integration of Sycle and CareCredit gives clinics access to world-class solutions,” said Stephanie Grein, vice president of global sales and enterprise services, Sycle. “Our partnership enables the delivery of critical financing services that hearing care professionals need to grow their businesses and provide better service. And with the optimization derived from the integration, our providers can spend more time treating their patients. ”

For a free demo of the new integration features, hearing care professionals who accept the CareCredit credit card and are using Sycle can call 888-881-7925 or [email protected]

If you’re not currently accepting CareCredit but are interested in learning more about how it can benefit your patients and your practice, call 800 859-9975 or visit

About Synchrony

Synchrony (NYSE: SYF) is a leading consumer financial services company. Synchrony offers a wide range of specialized financing programs and innovative banking products to consumers in key industries such as digital, retail, household, auto, travel, health and pet. Synchrony enables partners to increase sales and customer loyalty. Synchrony is one of the largest private label credit card issuers in the United States; Synchrony also offers co-branded products, installment loans, and consumer finance products for small and medium-sized businesses and healthcare providers.

Synchrony is changing what is possible through our digital capabilities, in-depth industry knowledge, actionable data insights, a smooth customer experience, and bespoke financing solutions. For more information, visit and Twitter: @Synchrony.

About Sycle

Sycle offers innovative solutions for the management of a future-oriented audiology practice. Sycle’s mission is to help the world hear better. It started as an idea to help audiologists connect better with their patients; Today, Sycle has become the number one practice management software in the audiology industry. Over 8,000 clinics and 20,000 hearing care professionals rely on Sycle to run their businesses. Sycle develops software and integrations that eliminate tedious tasks and streamline workflows. This allows clients more time to spend with their patients and ultimately helps them treat more people with hearing loss. To learn more, visit


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