SYKES to expand operations outside the greater Costa Rican metropolitan area

SAN JOSE from Costa Rica, September 4, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The SYKES company recently announced the opening of its new headquarters in Solarium Park, Liberia, and will begin hiring the first 100 permanent positions in November and December. The company estimates that it will hire a total of 600 people within 18 months to work at its new site.

The announcement of this important investment outside the Greater Metropolis (GMA) was made this morning at the Presidential House, in the company of the President of the Republic, Carlos alvarado; the First Lady, Claudia doble; the Acting Minister of Foreign Trade, Duayner Salas; the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Geannina Dinarte; the general manager of CINDÉ, Jorge Sequeira; and the general manager of SYKES, Alejandro Arciniegas.

“We are pleased to announce this new investment, which will generate jobs that will benefit families in the Guanacaste region. Sykes, an ally of Costa Rica for many years, has one important characteristic: when they arrive in a region, others follow because they are a talent-generating company. We are looking to increase these jobs, not only because of the growth of Sykes but also because of other companies that see the potential of Guanacaste and other regions of the country, the potential of our human talent ”, declared the president. Alvarado.

He added that the Costa Rican government has expanded its support for the Alliance for Bilingualism, whose goal by 2040 is that everyone who graduates from the Costa Rican education system – public or private – be bilingual.

“We are happy to announce the opening of our first offices outside the Greater Metropolis. There, we will remain true to our vocation: to develop talents and generate hundreds of jobs in the region, thus indirectly benefiting many families and contributing to the growth of the country’s exports. This marks the establishment of the first of what we believe to be the start of a new development pole in high tech business services, ”Arciniegas said.

At the Presidential House event, the Managing Director of SYKES noted that since the beginning of this year, the company has made efforts to develop the skills of potential candidates, including improving their level of English and technical knowledge. base in the various fields of activity of SYKES. This training is possible, thanks to an alliance between Invenio University and the Ministry of Labor, as part of the national strategy known as the Alliance for Bilingualism and the SYKES Academy of English, which have enabled the company to develop the skills of potential candidates considered in recruitment. to treat.

Duayner Salas, the acting foreign trade minister, commented that in 2019, the employment opportunities generated by foreign direct investment (FDI) outside the GAM, represented 547 new jobs, some of which were working virtually. In addition, the Minister added: “We appreciate the confidence that SYKES has placed in Costa Rica over the past 20 years and we are celebrating this announcement, which will generate 600 new job opportunities in the Guanacaste area. Costa Rica is a stable trading partner and this new investment in knowledge-intensive services is yet another example. “

Jorge Sequeira Picado, Director General of CINDE, continued: “Five years ago, our organization developed programs in 20 communities outside GAM, designed to help residents improve the competitiveness of their region and thus generate new jobs through the IDE. Today, we congratulate SYKES for choosing Liberia to expand its activities, which includes hiring 600 people. This motivates us to redouble our efforts so that more communities can attract projects of this type and thus benefit their residents. Meanwhile, CINDE is working to support SYKES in the continued development of talent, including on topics of bilingualism, technical and strategic skills essential to attract FDI. In the past four years alone, employment outside the GAM, as generated by multinational companies, has grown by an average of 10%, reaching a total of 3,195 jobs by the end of 2019. ”

SYKES is a leader in the outsourcing of high technology services. In Costa Rica, the company has more than 20 years of experience and employs more than 5,000 people in its operations in Heredia, Moravia, Hatillo Centro and San Pedro. SYKES prides itself on providing an ideal work environment and promoting lifelong learning and professional development.

SOURCE Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency

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