Shelter seeking to reunite senior dogs after owner placed in hospice care

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – Throughout August, we’ve presented nearly 100 pets for adoption and we’ll end the month with a look at two dogs with heartbreaking stories.

Vickey and Midnight are both 8 years old and have lived their entire lives together in the same house.

They arrived at Pittsylvania Pet Center after their mother dog was placed in hospice care.

Their father, being handicapped, realized that he could not take care of them alone.

“It’s a horrible situation to have to give up your pets, but we totally understand,” said the center’s acting director, Christine Warren.

Pet Center staff said the dog owners made the right decision.

“They were very loved, very well cared for. The father just knew he couldn’t get them the care they needed just because he couldn’t physically walk either of them. He was crying as he signed the papers,” Warren said.

The two were so beloved that staff said each had 68 pages of medical records sent to the center by the dog’s veterinarian.

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That’s almost more than all the other animals in the shelter combined.

“I know a lot of people feel like they’ll be judged for having to give up their pets, but we totally understand those times when you can’t physically or financially care for them,” Warren said.

Vowing to keep Vickey and Midnight together, the search is on for a family that will love them.

“If they stay with us for six months before we find them a family, that’s fine. We are going to find them a family together,” Warren said.

The two have started their life together and will wait together at the pet center until the day they come out with a new family.

Click on their names if you want to know more about adoption Vikey and Midnight.

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