SCOR your best ride with this new Swiss mountain bike

SCOR lowered the rear suspension to make the 4060 feel agile on narrow trails (Photo: Jérémie Reuiller)

  • An overtime project becomes a new bike brand
  • It is the pinnacle of Swiss mountain biking engineering, with a lot of product presence and functionality.
  • You can choose between a trail and enduro suspension setup

BMC is an established company Swiss cycling brand, with an emphasis on lightweight racing frames.

He had a great year, with Tom Pidcock wins Olympic gold on BMC’s Fourstroke mountain bike in Tokyo. But what if you want a BMC with a lot more suspension travel to go down those adventurous technical descents?

The answer is SCOR 4060. A striking new mountain bike design from Switzerland, the 4060 started as a side project by some engineers at BMC. It has now become the SCOR sub-brand with company backing, providing BMC with a marketable long-haul mountain bike for enduro customers.

Swiss mountain bike

BMC’s heritage may be light bikes, for climbing, but with SCOR it’s all about downhill segments (Photo: Jérémie Reuiller)

Long and short stroke versions

With its clean lines and a compact rear suspension design, the SCOR 4060 looks amazing. Carbon fiber is used for all tube shapes, the only aluminum being the rear suspension link.

Although the 4060 looks futuristic, it has a collection of awesome logical frame features. There is a small storage compartment around the bottom bracket, where you can store spare parts and tools,

The SCOR 4060 is available in two configurations, using the same chassis design. There is the ST version for riders who want a little more trail feedback, with a 140mm rear shock and 150mm front fork.

BMC bikes

The frame of the 4060 has enough room for two water bottles and a third utility rack (Photo: Jérémie Reuiller)

Developed on steep Swiss trails

Do you want more land conquest capacity? It will be the 4060 LT, with its 160mm shock absorber and 170mm fork.

The LT is a true enduro bike, capable of going down the steepest and wildest slopes trails with ease. And SCOR tested it extensively in The Swiss Jura massif.

The ST and LT have an adjustable geometry, using a toggle chip and an angle adjuster in the head tube. This allows riders to make their 4060 looser or stiffer in its stance, depending on terrain and riding confidence.

Swiss mountain bike

The overall design of the SCOR 4060 is unique and dynamic, and looks great, in purple (Photo: Jérémie Reuiller)

Large capacity – but not that heavy

While SCOR’s marketing executives say the new brand is fun first and foremost, any new bike needs to take its weight into account.

Considering the capacities offered by SCOR’s 4060 LT, the claimed weight of 14 kg is not competitive either.

SCOR will also market an electric bike version, called the 4060 Z, using Shimano’s EP8 mid-drive motor and a larger capacity 720 Wh battery.

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