Santa Monica Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs (Part 10 of a Series)

September 9, 2020 8:00 a.m.

by Amanda Grossman

We recently interviewed several Black-owned business owners in Santa Monica to hear their unique stories and perspectives. Read on to learn more about these nonprofit leaders and small business owners across our city. This is part 10 of a series. If you are a Santa Monica business and would like to add your story, email [email protected]

Isabelle Barros followed her dreams and her passion for health and nutrition to launch Tangana Wellness. Facing a recent layoff, she took the opportunity to share her handmade superfoods and organic tea blends and non-toxic essential oil scent with the community. Read on to hear his story>>

Company Name : Tangana Wellness

Company owner : Isabelle Barros

The description: Tangana Wellness offers a variety of natural products to help improve health, nutrition and well-being. Tangana Wellness offers a range of organic tea blends called Simply AW (add water). Tangana Wellness is preparing the launch of a 100% essential oil perfume line.

Brief history: Isabelle Barros is a first-generation immigrant who moved from Senegal to the United States in 2007. She was the first in her family to go to college and earn a master’s degree. She has made a career in product and brand management. Due to COVID-19, Isabelle lost her job. Isabelle took this opportunity to follow her passion for wellness and launch her wellness brand. Leveraging her brand and product management skills, she launched Tangana Wellness in July. Tangana meaning “hot” in Wolof (one of the languages ​​spoken in Senegal).

Why did you decide to open a business here in Santa Monica?

Isabelle has been living in Santa Monica since 2017. She loves Santa Monica because it’s a place where she feels at peace and people are always friendly. She wants to continue living here, expand her business here and hopes to one day raise her children here.

What types of products/services do you offer?

Tangana Wellness offers a range of unique tea blends (Simply AW) that you might not find anywhere. These organic teas use sustainable ingredients from local suppliers and are made in the USA. Each tea is personally made with love and not en masse. Isabelle believes in the importance of good nutrition and good gut health that her teas can offer. She believes that a good perfume should smell great and be pleasant to the body without chemicals. She also thinks her unique tea and fragrance creations are perfect gifts for all seasons and occasions. She encourages people to buy her products for upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and especially for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Tangana Wellness will also soon launch a 100% essential oil perfume line.

How can the Santa Monica community support you and other Black-owned businesses?

Isabelle appreciates that Santa Monica has been involved in promoting businesses even before 2020. She noticed the enhanced newsletter with features on black-owned businesses. However, Santa Monica can continue to get more social media features and continue to use its platform to get to know more businesses. It would also be great to partner with local radio stations like KCRW to promote and feature black-owned businesses.

What information do you want the Santa Monica community to know?

Isabelle arrived in the United States in 2007 with just $300 that her father had given her. Although she was lucky to find a home with family members. As an international student, she held 7-8 jobs from college to graduate school. His goal was to complete his studies debt-free. She was able to obtain a master’s degree in health communication. She worked very hard and never gave up on her dreams. It’s important for the community to understand that people are really struggling right now and some people can’t pay their rent or their mortgage. She wants to remind people to never give up and also to believe in their dreams. Isabelle has learned to keep faith in herself even in the most difficult times of her life. She thinks that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.

Is there anything else you wanted to share?

Isabelle is trilingual. She speaks French, Spanish and English. Given her experience in brand and product management, she would like to offer her expertise to other companies or other people looking to start businesses.

Contact information: [email protected] |

Business hours: Online only

Written by

Amanda Grosman
Sustainability Analyst

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