Russia opposes Ukraine’s membership not only in NATO, but also in the EU


Dmitry Polyansky, deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, said that Russia’s position on Ukraine’s possible entry into the EU has changed and has become similar to the position on the entry of Ukraine into NATO.

Source: Polyansky, whose words are reported by the Kremlin-aligned news agency RIA Novosti

Estimate“Russia’s position on kyiv’s desire to join the EU has changed and is now similar to its position on Ukraine’s NATO membership,” said Polyansky, Deputy Permanent Representative to of ONU.

Details: Asked in what cases Russia could use nuclear weapons, Polyansky replied: “If you threaten a nuclear power, you must consider all options.

He also said that as soon as Finland and Sweden become members of NATO and military units of the alliance are stationed there, these territories will become a possible target for the Russian army.

Background: On March 29, after a series of negotiations in Istanbul, Vladimir Medinsky, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and head of the Russian delegation, said that among kyiv’s written proposals for an agreement with Russia is the wording according to which Moscow does not oppose the entry of Ukraine into the European Union.

“Ukraine refuses to join military alliances, to deploy foreign military bases or contingents, to conduct military exercises on the territory of Ukraine without the consent of the guarantor states, including the Russian Federation. For its part, the Russian Federation does not deny Ukraine’s desire to join the European Union,” Medinsky read of Ukraine’s proposals.

These and other provisions “are by no means treaty provisions, but proposals that we see as a constructive step towards finding a compromise,” Medinsky stressed.

Earlier, Russia categorically opposed Ukraine’s NATO membership, as it would represent some kind of danger for Russia. There was no such rhetoric about the EU before.

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