Remember and fear September 11 here in Kiev, Ukraine

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Here in Ukraine, September 11 is unfolding slowly. It is a threat that mismanagement can lead to more death and destruction than the United States has endured, and the world has witnessed a horrific shock and mistrust there. at 20 years.

A gathering of former leaders, current political leaders, historians and journalists at a conference here in Kiev hosted by Victor Pinchuk and the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Group he founded 17 years ago. I finished it.

References to September 11 were heard often during these two-day meetings. This is one of the first summits as Europe slowly emerged from the long-term blockade caused by the pandemic and everyone except the vaccinated and fears of emergence banned travel to the ‘foreigner. is. An obvious new viral variant.

In this file photo from Monday, December 9, 2019, Ukrainian soldiers stand in the foreground in the town of Novoluhanske in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.
(AP Photo / VitaliKomar)

FOX CORP. announced a donation of $ 1 million to the tunnel leading to the tower to support the military heroes of the first responders.

The tone of concern over the country’s future was set at the start of a two-day meeting by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. He warned that the possibility of a full-scale war with Russia could not be ruled out. A peace agreement with the Kremlin to end the fighting in the two eastern regions and the occupation of part of his country. Asked about the possibility of a full-scale war with Russia, Zelensky said it was the “worst case” that could happen to a country that had endured more than its share of the disaster, but it could not be. excluded. paddy field. “There is such a possibility,” he said, adding that such a move by Russia was “Moscow’s biggest mistake”.

The Ukrainians have been at play for several months since the Kremlin rounded up more than 100,000 troops on the border of the occupied Crimean territories, which were overrun by Russian-backed troops in 2014. To date, more than 13,200 Ukrainians died and about 2 million were evacuated. In a low intensity war.

Concern over the lack of “strategic patience” of the United States, an ally, and growing isolationism was also a major theme of the rally. Departure of Afghan chamberlain from Afghanistan – betrayal of the Afghan government in negotiations with the radical Tullivan, not discussing with the allies the decision to leave by September 11, to withdraw the Americans as well as the Americans Do not want to pass enough time and effort Thousands of Afghanistan who worked with US forces and officials and the abandonment of military weapons that made Tullivan the best armed force in the world are official highs And the story of the informal hallway.

The Ukrainian spirit was revived somewhat by President Zelensky’s first meeting with President Joe Biden in Washington on September 1 and by the official visit he had requested with the American president since the 2019 election. Washington agreed to d ‘Grant Ukraine a $ 60 million increase in military aid, bringing total US aid to over $ 400 million this year.

In the UK, the Star Spangled Banner was played at Windsor Castle to commemorate the anniversary of September 11.

Former Russian Ambassador Alexander Burshbow, who attends the conference, called military aid a “good package”, but the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and the danger of large-scale aggression are “a greater American engagement. . “

Washington was the sole foreign provider of Kiev’s largest military aid, but the Ukrainian government sought to deter Russia and deepen its integration with the West by joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Union. European. I did. Washington and EU member states have expressed support for Ukraine’s membership, but have set conditions that make such membership very unlikely soon.

Ukrainian officials and some of the conference participants are extremely sensitive to the chaotic withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan as a weakness of their rivals and enemies. He expressed concern that he could make President Vladimir Putin bold. “Putin will see the US withdrawal as a success,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told me. “Afghanistan is not Ukraine,” he added. “But think about what we have done with the military help and support that Washington has given to Kabul.”

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Some of President Zelensky’s remarks also reflected a sense of abandonment and the general conclusion that Ukraine was not fully supported by the United States and the West. He concluded that his country would be self-sufficient in the fight against viruses and Russian-backed separatists as the world and the West do not unite in the face of the deadliest pandemic of our time. Noted. In such a crisis, he said, “It’s every man for himself.

To conclude the meeting, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also expressed his concern about the future of Afghanistan under the radical Taliban, who had the determination and sustainability that the United States lacked. One of America’s most stubborn supporters, Blair has also criticized what he called the main lesson of 9/11, a Western failure he has not learned. “I know your enemy,” he said, whether it is an extremist Islamist or a Russian.

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