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    Just like in 2019, The Firefly Fun House is once again a weekly highlight on WWE Raw, thanks to the creative minds of Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss.Credit: WWE.com

    All Elite Wrestling followed up an uneventful week in WWE with one of their strongest shows of the entire year on Full Gear on Saturday. It was a top-to-bottom stacked map that delivered its fair share of surprises, fun moments, and memorable matches.

    Two titles changed hands, as Darby Allin defeated Cody Rhodes for the AEW TNT Championship and the Young Bucks defeated FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Elsewhere on the card, Kenny Omega became the new No. 1 contender for the AEW World Championship, which Jon Moxley successfully defended in the main event against Eddie Kingston.

    Overall, Full Gear left viewers satisfied and excited for what’s to come next on Dynamite and beyond.

    On the WWE front, Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss highlighted Monday’s Raw with the latest installment from The Firefly Fun House, where Wyatt teased a one-on-one with familiar nemesis Randy Orton. Bliss also debuted a new look during the segment, which only adds to the mystique of their act over the past few weeks.

    Also, the biggest development on SmackDown was the return of Carmella. The first Ms. Money in the Bank, who hadn’t been seen on the show since May, is already front and center in the SmackDown Women’s Championship photo after her attack on Sasha Banks.

    Carmella being Banks’ next title challenger will be discussed in this week’s Quick Takes along with all the Full Gear spinoffs, Wyatt and Bliss wearing Raw, how Velveteen Dream can be a lost cause in NXT and more.

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    The Young Bucks vs. FTR had been in the works for so long that it would be nearly impossible for them to live up to the hype. Despite that, the teams had a stellar outing at Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view that proved to be worth the wait.

    The Young Bucks and FTR pulled out all the stops and paid tribute to several legendary teams throughout the contest. In the end, it was Matt and Nick Jackson who reigned supreme after turning on FTR’s Cash Wheeler, resulting in the Young Bucks becoming AEW Tag Team Champions for the first time.

    The result was telegraphed when the Young Bucks claimed they would never challenge for the twin titles again if they lost, but that didn’t make the match any less enjoyable or exciting. In fact, he was such a show stealer that it would be criminal for them not to extend the program.

    AEW’s tag team division runs deeper than any other in wrestling, but while there are a ton of tandems waiting in the wings to challenge the Young Bucks for their newly won titles, FTR should get the first shot. . With Revolution not happening for another three and a half months, the rematch may well take place on an upcoming episode of Dynamite.

    No matter when, Young Bucks’ prosecution against FTR is imperative after the magic they did at Full Gear. The best may yet be to come.

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    Prior to Friday, Carmella had not appeared on WWE programming since May. She floundered extensively following her split from R-Truth in the 2019 WWE Draft, including briefly vying for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in early 2020.

    The character change was necessary to get her back on track, but WWE will have to do a better job of defining it than they have been doing lately. So far, it looks like the latest version of what Eva Marie, Emmalina, and Lana were meant to be, with a slightly different twist.

    It’s based on the thumbnails that aired over the past month and his appearance on Saturday’s episode of Talk Smack. The gimmick will need some tweaking, but if nothing else, she’s a new face in the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture.

    It’s been years since Carmella has been involved in the title for a long stretch. It helps that she never had a formal feud with Sasha Banks, so look for The Boss as well to get the best out of her in the ring.

    The SmackDown Women’s Division is light on star power, and with Banks recently ending her feud with Bayley, she needed a new credible rival. Bianca Belair should be saved for later, so Carmella makes perfect sense to be in this spot for the rest of 2020.

    How and if Bayley will take all of this into account is unknown, but at least SmackDown has a better idea of ​​what the women’s title scene will look like after Survivor Series than Raw, whose women’s champion has been directionless for months.

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    Even with its updated roster from the 2020 WWE Draft, Monday Night Raw has largely been a boring spectacle over the past month, and the lack of stakes at Survivor Series hasn’t helped anyone. The Hurt Business has been a recurring Monday night highlight for some time, but the only other superstars who have helped carry the red mark through the doldrums have been Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss.

    The spooky duo came to Raw in the draft and immediately made an impact by featuring Andrade and Zelina Vega. It was refreshing to see them maintain their momentum after getting off to a strong start on SmackDown, and they are already one of the best parts of the schedule on Raw.

    This continued on Monday’s episode, when Wyatt and Bliss presented another episode of The Firefly Fun House, which ended with Bliss sporting a twisted new look. The former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion scared former BFF Nikki Cross with her evil eyes later that night, seemingly confirming that her transformation into The Fiend’s friend is complete.

    How the angle moves forward is anyone’s guess, but there are several directions WWE can take from here. Between The Fiend aiming for the WWE Championship and Bliss having rivalries with Cross and Asuka, there’s plenty for them to do for the foreseeable future.

    The company was wise to pair them up, and to their credit, Wyatt and Bliss took the ball and ran with it. Both have enjoyed being with each other, and their thrilling act makes Raw a much more bearable show than it would be without them.

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    The main event on Wednesday’s episode of WWE NXT saw Tommaso Ciampa decisively defeat Velveteen Dream. It was essentially booked as a single squash, similar to how Dream’s release against Kushida played out at TakeOver 31.

    Dream’s downfall may be tied to the inappropriate communications allegations that were made against him this year (which Triple H discussed and declined to comment further over the summer). However, it’s worth noting that he’s been out of action since returning from injury in early 2020, and even when there were fans in the building, Dream didn’t click with the crowd the way he did. was a year or two ago. .

    At one time, Dream was considered a prodigy by many, receiving praise from legends such as John Cena and Shawn Michael. His feud with Aleister Black in 2017 received rave reviews, he had a handful of standout performances in 2018, and his long reign of the NXT North American Championship in 2019 spawned several big matches.

    In 2020, from a storyline perspective, he has done nothing but miss every major opportunity that has been presented to him. After all the bad bookings it has suffered, it’s hard to consider it anything more than a lost cause.

    He did everything he could in NXT, but there’s no obvious place for him on Raw or SmackDown. A summon doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon, either. He’s also lost enough that a win over him means nothing, and with other talents patiently awaiting their chance at superstardom, don’t be surprised to see his TV time cut even further in the future.

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    A year ago at AEW Full Gear 2019, Kenny Omega’s loss to Jon Moxley in their brutal Lights Out match caused his career to plummet. He was able to bounce back through the tag team ranks alongside “Hangman” Adam Page, but it was obvious he felt he had unfinished business with the AEW World Champion.

    Sure enough, this year’s Full Gear pay-per-view ended with the visual of Omega taking on Moxley in the ring after the latter’s successful title defense against Eddie Kingston. Earlier in the evening, Omega beat Page to become the new No. 1 championship contender, although an exact date they will meet one-on-one with the gold up for grabs is yet to be determined.

    Whenever this long-awaited rematch takes place, it must end with Omega being crowned AEW World Champion.

    Between his promotions and the matches he’s had with the entire AEW roster, Moxley’s reign has been nothing short of stellar. He’s been remarkably well-booked as the face of the franchise, but no one makes more sense to strip him of that title than Omega given their storied history.

    While he hasn’t done anything too dastardly at Full Gear, Omega seems to be headed for a heel turn, a role he’s traditionally been more comfortable in. Beating his longtime rival in nefarious ways would cement him as the biggest villain in the business while freshening up the title’s image.

    From there, Omega vs. Page would be an ideal main event for Double or Nothing if the story is told properly. After being a background player for his first year in AEW, Omega is ready to return to his roots as The Cleaner and claim a top position on the map.

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