Quant (QNT) Finds New Support After Shortening Its Rally

After January 2022 sent crypto prices plummeting, things looked pretty grim for a while, with many wondering if the crypto winter had begun and how long cryptocurrencies would last. However, just as coins were beginning to bottom, February arrived, and with it, we began to see a rally in price that lasted nearly two weeks.

The recovery was again interrupted by the bears, but this allowed some coins to grow a little. Quant (QNT), for example, rose from a low at $90 to $160, nearly doubling its price in less than two weeks of growth.

Quantitative price performance

Quant is an interesting cryptocurrency with a fairly unimpressive price movement ahead of 2021. The coin launched in mid-August 2018, and for years its price did very little. There was some growth that took the coin from its starting price to over $14 in mid-2019, followed by a drop to $2 in March 2020, after fears of COVID-19 took hold. caused the global financial collapse.

Just like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, Quant began to recover quickly after hitting bottom at $2, and by the end of the year the coin had surged enough to hit an all-time high of $16.92. However, all of this pales in comparison to its growth in 2021.

The quantitative price took off from the start of 2021, continuing the growth started by the coin in mid-March of the previous year. While the highest value in its history was $16.92 in 2020, the coin’s community was very excited when it surged to $40 in early February 2021. Unfortunately for the token, this was a very strong resistance. powerful that actually managed to stop its progress.

As the price of Bitcoin climbed higher and higher, taking the entire market with it, QNT got stuck at $40 and stayed below it until mid-May. In mid-May, the coin confused the crypto industry for the second time. While all other cryptocurrencies saw their price drop by 50% or more, it was during this time that QNT managed to break through the resistance at $40 and soar.

The token doubled in price around June 25 when it hit $92 as most other cryptos continued to crash continuously to new depths. After that, the coin corrected slightly to around $68, and when July 20 rolled around, it began to explode alongside the rest of the crypto industry, hitting a new all-time high on September 10, when it officially hit $393.

From then on, unfortunately, QNT started to go downhill, and it didn’t stop until February 2022.

QNT price crashes

After hitting its ATH on September 10, the price of QNT first fell to $360 in 2 short but steep declines, then experienced a big one to $280. This was its greatest resistance for the next few months, and it kept the coin from sinking as it tried to rally again. Unfortunately, the resistance at $320 prevented that from happening.

Support finally broke in early November and QNT continued lower until it found the next one in mid-December at $160. As before, this level managed to hold for about two months as the coin initially tried to rally again, but this time $200 started to act as resistance. After some time, the coin’s attempts to break through this level stopped and it fell to $90, with January 21, 2022 having arrived.

Quantitative price performance 2

After spending about a week at this level, fluctuating between $90 and $100, early February actually brought the biggest rally the coin has seen since its ATH, bringing it back to $160. QNT failed to reach this level as the highest it managed to reach was $158.89 on Feb 7, but that was as high as it managed to reach before the market broke. turns around again, and QNT has fallen again, this time to support at $120. As of this writing, it has started a new rally that has seen it rise 9.19% in the past 24 hours, leading it to the current price of $127.67.

To learn more about this token, visit our Investing in Quant guide.

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