Prince Charles needs Jeremy Corbyn’s approval to allow him to be king – royal expert | royal | New

Prince Charles’ plan to succeed the Queen could be shattered by Jeremy Corbyn, who has a seat on the Royal Membership Committee. While the membership committee has always been an approval exercise, the presence of “multiple Republicans” could sabotage Charles’ plans. Any decision to delay or block Charles’ accession would be unprecedented and could throw the country into chaos.

The potential confrontation between Charles and Corbyn was discussed by royal biographer Nigel Cawthorne on GB News this morning.

Morning host Stephen Dixon said: “Charles and William headline the concert tonight.

“We’ve seen the repositioning of the Royal Family and Charles is starting to take the lead now, right?”

Mr Cawthorne replied: ‘Sadly we are not going to see another jubilee for the Queen.’

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He continued: “So the royal staff inaugurates Charles in position and they play with the membership committee.

“Everyone thinks that when the queen dies, Charles automatically takes over.

“But there is something called the membership committee that has to invite the next monarch to take the throne.

“Since 1688, they have been inviting the next monarch.

Charles’ coronation is believed to take place within a year of his accession to the throne.

In February this year, the Queen announced it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla be made Queen Consort upon Charles’s ascension.

Meanwhile, the royals are spending the third day of the Jubilee celebrations attending events across the country.

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge will pay their respects to the Queen at an outdoor concert on Saturday evening.

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