P&Q Must-Read: Harvard Jobs Data 2022: Explosion in Median MBA Salary and Total Compensation

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#1: Harvard Jobs Data 2022: Median MBA Salary and Total Compensation Explode

One year deleted from a jobs report that saw its MBAs decline in terms of total compensation, Harvard released a wealth of jobs data showing 2022 was a return to form, and more. Massive jumps in median salary and median total salary remind everyone that an elite MBA – and more so, a Harvard MBA – is a ticket to socioeconomic advancement.

Of course, 2021 was a much different landscape for newly created MBAs, from the top level down. The pandemic was still very present in the classroom and outside of it. This year, HBS graduates had fewer challenges and saw greater rewards, including a whopping 16.3% year-over-year increase in median salary to $175,000. Median signing bonuses remained at $30,000, where they have been since 2019, but median performance bonuses rose to $40,000.

You can see the full report in our Jobs tab.

#2: Ranking of the World’s Most Wanted MBA Employers in 2022

Employer branding agency Universum unveiled its 14th annual survey of the world’s most attractive employers, along with employment trends and forecasts, last week.

In short, while 2022 has been a banner year for students looking for jobs – with high demand resulting from a record shortage of talent – ​​2023 is finally looking a little less rosy.

For business students, Apple was the most attractive company in 2022, up from 3rd place a year ago. The company has achieved great results both in providing challenging work issues for its workers as well as offering flexibility and work-life balance. Google fell to No. 2 in 2022 (from No. 1 in 2021), followed by Microsoft at No. 3.

Get the full list of MBA students’ 50 favorite employers, plus a look at the likely bumpy year of employment ahead, now in our rankings tab.

#3: Q&A with Wharton’s New Associate Dean of MBA Programs

Nicolaj Siggelkow grew up in Germany and studied under famous economists Paul Milgrom at Stanford University and Michael Porter at Harvard. He has taught at Wharton for nearly 25 years.

Effective July 1, he became the new associate dean of Wharton’s MBA program, one of the largest and most prestigious programs in the world.

I recently got to sit down with Siggelkow in his office in Jon M. Huntsman Hall at the Wharton School. In a long and wide-ranging conversation, we talked about her goals for this new role, the pressures on the MBA degree, and classroom innovations stemming from the pandemic.

You can read our exchange on our homepage.

#4: Our weekly roundup of news you can use

No matter where you are in your MBA journey, we bring you several helpful stories this week.

The first standing: Don’t miss our second annual $50,000 pitch competition with the University of Washington’s Olin Business School. The BIG IdeaBounce® is a pitch competition open to all current business school students. Submit your idea in an easy-to-fill online form by January 15, 2023. Get full entry details and more about this $50,000 prize, in our news tab.

Next: For those looking for the right programs, we have the latest employment reports for the Class of 2022. This week, you can get the stats for Chicago Booth, Berkeley-Haas, Vanderbilt, and of course, Harvard. Find these and other recent jobs reports in our news tab.

To finish: Finally, check out our application tips for older applicants as well as tips for non-traditional candidates. You can always find more helpful advice in our admissions tab.

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