PacTow Celebrates ISO Certifications | PNG Loop

ISO: 9001 (quality), ISO: 45001 (occupational health and safety) and ISO: 14001 (environment) certifications apply to the varied range of services that the company provides to its customers in multiple sectors in Papua New Guinea. New Guinea and internationally. .

The scope of PacTow’s ISO certifications is broad and encompasses towing, mooring, salvage, commercial diving and life raft services. Although harbor towage is PacTow’s core business, it increasingly provides its other services to PNG’s oil and gas sector, as well as in international waters.

PacTow’s ISO certification process took about a year, with certification being achieved in early January.

Chief Executive Neil Papenfus reports that the process has taken longer than expected due to the complexities and delays associated with COVID-19, with most audits being conducted online. He credits his Health, Safety, Sustainability, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) team for the success of PacTow certification.

“Our ISO certifications give us additional credibility, especially from the perspective of new or potential customers. More important than the marketability of these certifications are the improvements we will receive in terms of operational efficiency, which will result in an even better customer service experience. Likewise, the improvements we have made during the certification process will help us achieve our main HSSE and organizational goal for 2022, which is to further reduce our carbon footprint,” Pepenfus concluded.

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