No Mercy No Malice with Scott Galloway: Everything We Know

No mercy, no meanness with Scott Galloway is slated to premiere this month. Viewers can expect the serial entrepreneur and business professor to tackle the American establishment, address what’s broken in the economy, and offer his insightful solutions. The series will be one of many that will help launch the new CNN Plus streaming platform.

Galloway has long been respected for his unique view of the intersection of business, technology and social norms and has become a bestselling author writing on the subject. Additionally, No mercy, no meanness with Scott Galloway will be his first series since the end of his previous on-camera show with the same title on Vice TV.

Here’s everything we know about No mercy, no meanness with Scott Galloway.

What is the release date of No Mercy No Malice starring Scott Galloway?

No mercy, no meanness with Scott Galloway debuts on CNN Plus on Tuesday, March 29. The rest of the episodes of the season will be broadcast on the platform the following Tuesdays.

In the season premiere, the first episode will cover web3, Galloway’s experience at SXSW earlier this month, and an interview with a household name.

As of now, the series will only be available in the United States, as CNN Plus has yet to reveal its plans to expand the platform to global markets.

No Mercy No Malice with premise by Scott Galloway

CNN describes the premise of the series by stating:

“Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and business professor Scott Galloway isn’t afraid to make bold predictions and hold the powerful to account. His unabashed perspective is essential for anyone interested in how business, technology and society intersect. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained.”

Galloway himself details what viewers can expect from his show, tweeting: “Think Queen’s Gambitminus the talents and production values.”

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No Mercy No Malice with host Scott Galloway

As relayed by CNN:

“Scott Galloway is a serial entrepreneur, business professor, and best-selling author. He teaches marketing and branding at New York University’s Stern School of Business. In 2012, Galloway was named the one of the best business professors in the world by Poets and quants.

“He founded nine companies, including Prophet, Red Envelope, L2 and Section4. He is the New York Times bestselling author of The fourth, The Algebra of Happiness and Post-Corona. Known for his fresh and fearless ideas, he has served on the boards of The New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Panera Bread and Ledger.

Nicknamed ‘Christopher Hitchens with an MBA,’ Galloway calls on business leaders to account and dissect overhyped companies. Galloway’s Prof G and Pivot podcasts, No pity/no malice blog and his books reach millions. In 2020, Adweek named Pivot Business Podcast of the Year.

“A graduate of UCLA and UC Berkeley, Galloway divides his time between New York and Florida, where he lives with his family, including two dogs.”

Want to get to know host Scott Galloway? Find his first thoughts on the American economy in 2022.

How to watch No Mercy No Malice with Scott Galloway

No mercy, no meanness with Scott Galloway Season 1 can be viewed exclusively on CNN Plus. Those wishing to tune into the series will need to purchase a subscription to the platform. Currently, CNN Plus is offered for $5.99 per month. Potential subscribers can save money by committing to the service for a full year for $59.99.

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