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All eyes are on Olaf Scholz, whose recent accession to the German Chancellery would have marked the start of a new era after nearly 20 years of Angela Merkel’s reign. After just a few weeks, the three parties that make up the new German government are at odds over new entry pipelines from Russia to the EU.

The Green Party, which formally formed a coalition with the SDP and Free Democrats earlier this month, believes that the Nord Stream 2 project should be put on hold if Russia attacks Ukraine.

This follows the gathering of tens of thousands of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border.

The Kremlin insisted it was not planning to enter the conflict in Ukraine but would defend its red lines on the country, such as its membership (or absence) of NATO.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, also leader of the Greens in Brandenburg, told ZDF TV earlier this month that the situation on the Ukrainian border was “a factor” in the country’s support or rejection of the pipeline. .

She said: “The last government discussed with the Americans that if there were further escalations, this pipeline could not be brought into service.”

This position contrasts with that of Mr. Sholz’s SDP, which has been a supporter of the pipeline.

He said at an EU summit last week that the gas pipeline issue should not be linked to the Ukrainian conflict.

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Christine Lambrecht, German Defense Minister and SDP politician, called for tougher sanctions against Russia but did not mention the issue of Nord Stream 2 in a recent interview with Bild am Sonntag.

The construction of Nord Stream 2, which is owned by Gazprom, has been completed but the pipeline has not yet received authorization to operate.

The line would increase the EU’s dependence on Russia for energy supply.

Reports suggest it would double the capacity of Russia’s submarine routes to Europe.

The completion process ran into another hurdle last month when Germany’s energy regulator said the project did not comply with EU law.

Nord Stream 2 seeks to remedy the political conflict.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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