Letter: Litter on Fairfield U Student Beach ‘Heartbreaking’


It is with deep frustration, but no surprise, that I find myself writing to you to express my disappointment at the irresponsible behavior of your students this past weekend.

While Santa Con’s downsides to the city are remarkable in themselves – public urination, overcrowding, and noise violations to name a few – the most devastating outrage has been the condition your students have had. left the beaches of Fairfield after the massive rally.

As you can see in the attachment, the beach was littered with thousands of solo cups, cans and bottles. These photos and videos were taken on Sunday morning, almost 24 hours after the start of the Santa Con party, meaning the beach was left that way overnight, and the high tide cycle and wind had already carried a large part of the waste to the sea.

We, the citizens of the Town of Fairfield, take great pride in our beaches – some of the most beautiful in Fairfield County – as well as the coves, interconnected marshes and the vibrant ecosystem of flora and fauna that inhabit it. . By taking care of our beaches, we are doing our part to take care of the ocean as a whole. It’s heartbreaking to watch your students blatantly ignore the natural environment which is one of our city’s greatest assets.

Keep in mind that Saturday was not the first time that Fairfield University students have left a trail of polluted beaches, and unless there is a top-down policy change in student housing and facilities. off-campus gatherings, it won’t be the last.

In responding to this weekend’s events, I implore your administration to finally prioritize the interests of the community of Fairfield and beyond over the market value of your student life experience.

Glad to have the opportunity to discuss further and look forward to your response.



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