Ian Borg dismisses action on illegally trapped aide

Transport Minister Ian Borg has said he has no plans to take action against his adviser Jesmond Zammit, who has been trapped off-season by police.

A CABS spokesperson said Malta weather that members of the committee observed a person trapping in a field near Għar Lapsi, where nets had been set and a number of living decoy finches were present.

Upon arrival, police apprehended a man who had been filmed handling nets and live finches, which later turned out to be Zammit.

Asked by reporters about the incident on Friday, Borg first said he saw the footage and it looked like Zammit was in it, but then backtracked on his original statement, saying the footage was not not clear enough to be determined.

Borg said he would take no action against his aid, citing an ongoing police investigation that would determine whether Zammit had committed a crime.

“What should I do, condemn him to hell?” Borg said when asked if he would take action against Zammit.

“Who am I, the police?” If he has done something illegal, then there is a process and justice can be decided.

Borg added that he sympathized with trappers who had been misled by the Nationalist government prior to EU membership that bird trapping would persist and it was the Labor government that maintained the trapping season.

Jesmond Zammit’s daughter Adreana made headlines in April when it was revealed that she had secured a direct order of € 62,400 for a junior lawyer contract, before securing her tenure to practice the right.

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