i-invest: new features that help you better manage your finances

Many of us have been through that time when we feel like we are barely keeping our financial lives out of the water. If nothing at all, last year’s pandemic taught us the importance of financial planning and control. Taking control of our finances can help reduce financial stress caused by debt, unexpected expenses, or a urge to spend on things we can’t afford. Reducing financial stress requires taking steps to save, budget, and invest.

Recently, Parthian Partners added vital functionality to i-invest, Nigeria’s leading digital platform that allows you to securely buy and manage Treasuries, Eurobonds and stocks. These new features make i-invest an integrated financial management platform. So, rather than having multiple apps downloaded to your mobile device for different financial transactions, you can now manage your money in one place on the i-invest app. Here’s how:

  1. Personalized savings: With the new SAVE feature, you can choose how you want to save your money based on your goals. You can either use the auto save feature which allows you to set automatic recurring savings over a period, or lock an amount all at once over a period. The best part about i-invest save is that, unlike a regular savings account, your money doesn’t sit idle in your savings account, but increases at a reasonable monthly interest rate. The rates currently range from 8% to 11% interest.
  2. Pay your electricity bills and buy airtime and data: This feature takes the stress out of paying bills.
  3. Invest in Fixed Naira Deposit Notes and Fixed USD Deposit Notes: In addition to investing in treasury bills, stocks and bonds, you can now invest in fixed naira and USD deposit notes. With the Naira Fixed Deposit Notes you get up to 11% pa within 30-90 days.
  4. New look and more user-friendly interface: i-invest now has a new look and an easy to use interface for a seamless and convenient financial experience.

While taking charge of your finances can be a daunting task to follow, having a mobile app like i-invest that helps you save, plan your spending, and invest all in one place can be an important step towards freedom. financial.

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