How to Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards

You have deposited the large welcome bonus and can now get the maximum value out of your Ultimate Rewards® balance. If this is your first foray into the city Chase Ultimate Rewards® program, you may be asking yourself: “How do I redeem points in the first place?” We have provided you with step-by-step instructions for redeeming Ultimate Rewards® points:

  1. Sign in to your Chase account.

  2. Find the Ultimate Rewards® box in the right sidebar and click on “Redeem Rewards”.

  3. If you have multiple chase cards you will be asked to choose one. (Ideally the one with the largest balance.)

  4. Once you are directed to your Ultimate Rewards® dashboard, you can choose how you would like to redeem your points.

Transfer Ultimate Rewards to Airlines and Hotels

You can often get the most out of your Ultimate Rewards® points by redeeming them directly with Chase’s airlines or hotel partners. This is especially true when redeeming points for high-end hotel stays or business and first-class award flights.

Chase has 10 airlines and three hotel partners to choose from. If this is how you would like to redeem your points, please do the following to transfer them:

  1. On the Ultimate Rewards Dashboard, click Transfer to Travel Affiliate.

  2. Scroll down to the airline or hotel rewards program you want to transfer points to. Click on “Transfer Points”.

  3. The first time you transfer points to a particular program, you will be asked to enter the recipient’s name and their airline or hotel award membership number (“Member ID”). Note that you can only transfer points to rewards programs owned by you or a household member who is an authorized user of your account.

  4. Next, you will be asked to enter the number of points to be transferred in 1,000-point increments. Most transfers are instant, but some take up to seven days. Keep this in mind if you are in a hurry to top up your rewards account for a specific redemption.

You will see a final confirmation page before the transaction is completed. Once points have been transferred, this cannot be undone. So only transfer Ultimate Rewards® points if you are 100% sure that you want to use them with this partner.

Redeem Ultimate Rewards® points for travel bookings

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It’s always worth checking the Ultimate Rewards® travel portal before transferring points to any loyalty program. To use your Ultimate Rewards® points for direct travel bookings:

  1. Click Travel on your Ultimate Rewards® Dashboard.

  2. You will be taken to what looks like any other online travel website. Here you can search for flights, hotels, rental cars, activities, vacation rentals and cruises. Just click on the option you want and search for your preferred dates.

  3. In the search results you can see the cost of your booking either with points or in cash. This is great for comparison purposes. If you think the cash price is low enough, you can simply book it directly with your Chase credit card and save the points.

In the example above, I was looking for a round-trip flight between San Francisco and Los Angeles in October. Airfares are a reasonable $ 106.60, or 8,528 points.

The same ticket requires 13,000 miles and $ 11.20 when booked through United MileagePlus. It’s clear that it can be worth checking the redemption rates for direct travel bookings.

The great thing about booking trips through the Ultimate Rewards® portal is that your bookings are eligible to collect points through the respective airline programs. Simply enter your award number during the booking process.

Other ways to redeem Ultimate Rewards® points

In addition to travel redemptions, you can use Chase Ultimate Rewards® points for gift cards, purchases on Amazon and Apple, cashback credits, experiences (e.g. concerts and events) and gift cards.

All of these other options allow you to redeem points for around 1 cent each, except for Amazon, which offers around 0.8 cents per point. That’s not as good a deal as using points on travel bookings or transferring them to partner airlines and hotels. This is especially true for gift cards, which you can often buy in retail stores at significant discounts. In general, we do not recommend redeeming your Ultimate Rewards® for gift cards because they can be so valuable for travel.

If you’d like to redeem your points for cash back rewards or purchases from Amazon or Apple, you might want to switch to a 2% cash back card like that Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 months BT offer. This card earns 2% on all purchases, 1% on purchases and 1% on payments. If you choose to redeem points this way, this card will provide you with better value than a similar Ultimate Rewards® redemption.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what is important to you. Here are our tips for that The best travel credit cards 2021including the best for:

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