Housing Finance Bank Launches New Securities Portal to Enable Customers to Buy Treasuries and Bonds Anytime, Anywhere |

Housing Finance Bank has officially launched its securities portal at Mestil Hotel and Residences. The online portal, hosted on the Bank’s website, allows customers to purchase treasury bills and bonds from anywhere at any time.

Treasury bills and bonds, also known as government securities, are debt securities issued by the government through the Bank of Uganda when borrowing from the public.

The investor (you) basically lends money to the government for a period of time and expects to be repaid the principal amount, plus interest earned for the investment period. There are different types of government securities, but the most common are treasury bills and bonds.

Treasury bills are short-term financial instruments with a maximum investment period of one year. They are issued with maturities of 91 days (3 months), 182 days (6 months) and 364 days (1 year). Treasury bills, on the other hand, are long-term financial instruments for an investment of more than one year and are issued with maturities of 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years.

Treasury bills and bonds are risk-free, predictable, with no loss of value, and are suitable for people looking to save money over the long term. They are also a good way for a person to diversify their investments and generate a steady stream of income through periodic interest payments.

The Housing Finance Bank Securities Portal is the first of its kind in Uganda. It eliminates the old method of buying treasury bills and bonds, through brokers, and puts the power of investing at will in the hands of the user, wherever they are in the world. world. Whether you are in Kampala, Mbale, USA, UK, China or Australia, you can visit the portal and buy government securities.

To get started, you need a Central Securities Depository (CSD) account, which you can now easily open via the HFB Securities portal and have your account ready in just one hour.

With your CSD account in hand, you can then proceed to purchase a Treasury bill or bond. Simply visit the Bank’s website, go to Cash and choose the desired option. whether it’s opening a CSD account or buying treasury bills or bonds, fill in your details and enter the amount you want to invest, and your purchase will be finalized in just one hour.

For as little as 100,000 Ug.Shs you can start investing in your future with Housing Finance Bank through the portal.

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