Highlights of My “Kelley On Location” Trip to Chicago

In September, I had the opportunity to take a course called “Topics in Business Analysis – Kelley on Location”. In short, according to IU’s description, “Kelley on Location is designed to build students’ abilities to recognize opportunities, analyze challenges through a variety of lenses, and better understand the interplay between business and the arts. .”

I have been looking forward to this experience since being admitted to the program! Although the MBA program is primarily online, the Kelley School of Business has the opportunity to meet classmates and network in person, and “Kelley on Location” is one of them. This term was held in Chicago, IL. This experience was amazing (especially since I’ve never been to Chicago) and my vlog only covers a fraction of what the experience was all about. Some of my biggest highlights include:

  • Hear and learn from speakers from a variety of industry backgrounds, from Proctor and Gamble to successful start-ups
  • Practicing improvisation with Suzanne Fodor
  • Network with Kelley classmates and alumni (Hi Lauren Ray, Sabrina Sayoc, Hannah Koenig, and more!) at Willis Tower and meet Kelley’s amazing teachers (Hi Professor O’Boyle if you’re reading this! )
  • Explore all around Chicago to appreciate the architecture and the arts, see real improvisation and listen to live jazz music! (Many of these topics were so passionately discussed with us by Kelley alumni and faculty before we set off on our adventure!)
  • Support a Kelley Alumni’s delicious burger called Firefly Burger (a must try if you’re in Chicago)

A theme I loved in this course was thinking about our own values, thinking about where we want to be in our careers and how we want to “enrich” our lives. Often many of us pursue higher education and become busy with the ‘goal’ in mind and lose sight of our surroundings – it’s so essential to stop, reflect and think about how we manage our time. All in all, a fantastic experience and I look forward to my next immersive classroom experience with Kelley School of Business.

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