Have colleges reimburse fees to applicants they reject

For the publisher: I appreciate the continued exposure of the giant college scam that students and their parents are still forced to play with in our society. (“Another record year for university applications? Please, no,” Opinion, October 4)

However, rather than expect high school students, who have been assured that college is the only path to success and only the top 10 campuses matter anyway, apply to fewer universities and less sought after, why do we not require universities to reimburse the application fees of refused students?

Colleges would no longer be incentivized to receive an incredibly high number of applications and would be more direct with potential applicants about their actual chances of being accepted. Prospective students would also broaden their academic research and possibly even their careers.

Robert Rakauskas, Winnetka


For the publisher: In bemoaning another record year of enforcement, Sara Harberson overlooks the real problem. The truth is, far too many high school students are not academic material by any stretch of the imagination.

Yet, they are repeatedly told that they have a bleak future without a four-year degree. Struggling with onerous debts for questionable market value, they quickly realize that they would have done better to pursue vocational training.

Walt Gardner, Los Angeles

The writer taught for 28 years in the Los Angeles Unified School District.


For the publisher: Sara Harberson deserves praise for her article on the college application frenzy.

With three kids in college and one currently applying, I welcome this glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in the opaque world of the college application process. Especially with a very successful student, one wonders how to honestly estimate which schools could be the best suited.

If only the money didn’t give schools such a good reason to be opaque about their application processes.

Amy Luster Mueller, Santa Monica

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