Greece vows to abolish state of war with WWII Albania – Exit

Greece will soon abolish a 1940 law declaring war on Albania following an attack by the Italian occupation army from Albanian territory.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made the promise on Monday during a press conference with his Albanian counterpart in Tirana, stating that work for abolition will soon begin in Greece.

It comes more than 80 years after Italian forces who had occupied Albania months earlier launched an attack on Greece and following repeated demands by Albania to repeal the law.

Minister Xhacka of Albania noted that the two countries could also start discussing the issue of Cham properties in Greece.

“Our friendly countries can start discussions on difficult issues inherited from history and the tragic period of the Second World War, such as the issue of property rights and human rights of the Cham community,” he said. she declared.

The Chams were ethnic Albanian Greeks who were deported to Albania after World War II and whose property was seized by Greek authorities due to allegations of collaboration with the Nazis. Experts suggest that the law of war has not been abolished so far precisely to prevent the Chams from suing Greece and demanding the return of their properties.

JThe Albanian minister’s remarks provoked a quick reaction from Dendias who replied that such a problem did not exist, warning that attempts to put it on the table could have negative consequences for Albania’s membership of the EU. EU.

The two diplomats also raised the issue of social contributions, namely the pensions of the large Albanian community settled in Greece after the 1990s. A plan to solve the problem will be discussed between the two governments.

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