FCC Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2020 Due September 25, 2020

Payment of FCC regulatory fees for fiscal year 2020 (which covers the period from October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020) is due no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday, September 25, 2020.

Information on regulatory fees for fiscal year 2020 is available here. The general schedule of regulatory fees can be found in Appendix C of the FCC’s Report and Regulatory Fees Order, which can be found here. The specific fees assessed for each broadcast station can be found in Appendix G.

Payment of regulatory fees must be initiated using Declaring charges, the FCC’s electronic filing and payment system. Payments received after the September 25 deadline will be subject to an automatic 25% late fee and interest charges. There is no grace period.

The FCC has taken several steps to address the financial difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic. These include:

• Allow parties requesting fee waivers and deferrals due to financial hardship to make a single request for both by submitting such requests electronically to [email protected].

• Temporary waiver of Commission rules so that parties requesting extended payment terms for FY2020 regulatory fees may do so by submitting an email request to the same email address: [email protected]. Requests for installment payments can be combined with requests for waivers, reductions and deferrals in a single request.

• Reduce the interest rate the Board charges on installment payments to a nominal rate and eliminate the down payment the Board normally requires before granting an installment request.

• Recognize that proving financial hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic may require different documentation than the Commission typically requests, and direct the Chief Executive to work with licensees individually if additional documentation is required. Documents licensees can use to show financial hardship include: income tax returns, a balance sheet and profit loss statement, 12-month cash flow projections, and a list of top executives and employees. remunerated. Licensees may also choose to include documentation demonstrating the specific effect of the pandemic on their business, such as: bank and investment account statements, credit card statements, monthly cash receipts and disbursements, accounting ledgers and loan documents, including balances due.

• Temporarily waive the “red light rule”, at the discretion of the Chief Executive, to allow licensees who are experiencing financial difficulties and who have other debts to the Commission to apply for waivers, reductions, deferrals and installment payment terms for fiscal year 2020 fees. Licensees who benefit from a waiver, however, will be required to settle all outstanding debts by paying them in full, entering into a debt repayment agreement, and /or by remedying all payment and other defaults under existing installment agreements.

An entity requesting a waiver, deferral, or curtailment will still have to meet the same public interest standard that the FCC has always used, which is to show that it “lacks sufficient funds to pay regulatory fees and maintain its service to the public”. .” Licensees who have been impacted by the pandemic, but not to the extent required to qualify for a waiver, reduction or deferral, will be eligible to pay their FY2020 fees in installments. They will be required to provide documentation showing that they do not have the funds to pay the fee in a lump sum by September 25, 2020, but may do so with an extended payment term. Licensees who believe they need a waiver or installment plan for their regulatory fees should submit their requests as soon as possible so the FCC has time to respond before the September 25 deadline.

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