Estonian President: Too risky to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine | Ukraine Latest

Despite images of death and destruction emerging from the beleaguered seaside town of Mariupol, Karis believes a no-fly zone is not on the table despite the Riigikogu issuing a statement of support earlier this week.

“It was easy for the Riigikogu to make such a decision, but in the end, the government is responsible for such decisions. At the moment, I have a feeling that the no-fly zone would get worse, and we don’t know. what the results will be. This step needs to be thought through. Instead, support Ukraine with javelins and bulletproof vests so that they can continue to resist,” Karis told ERR in an interview. telephone.

“Fortunately, we see that the Russians haven’t made much progress in the last few days, even if things have become criminal: civilians are being slaughtered en masse and also the case of the theater where children were. All this is absolutely horrifying,” the president said.

At the same time, Karis refused to call President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, as US President Joe Biden did by saying it is a legal term.

“First the war has to end, then you look at the type of criminal he is. The focus should be on ending the war and then those who started the war will be punished,” he said. -he declares.

Discussing Western leaders who continue to communicate with Putin, such as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Karis said one of the goals was to keep an open line of communication even if nothing is achieved then. that Russia is playing games.

Kyiv has said he has no plans to visit Kyiv, as the leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia did earlier this week. “It is more important to help Ukraine militarily and to provide humanitarian aid,” he said.

Solidarity with Moldova

The President is visiting Moldova to show his support for the country’s reforms and his goal of joining the European Union.

“Estonia has supported Moldova with millions for years. Now we have given 100,000 euros, 10 buses and 25,000 doses of vaccine,” Karis said.

Karis also consulted on Moldova’s EU accession process.

“I also said that the process of joining the European Union is long and that Estonia started earlier than the other Baltic states, but we still accepted each other together. That’s probably the case too in their area,” Karis said.

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