Eren Demirezen dominates Kownacki in decision win

Polish American heavyweight Adam Kowanacki was looking for a big performance to get his career back on track, but unfortunately for him, he met a tougher and better fighter, again, on Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York.

Ali Eren Demirezen rocked Kownacki’s fast start in the first two laps and beat him in the next eight laps of a unanimous decision victory on the Showtime Boxing card of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Demirezen won by scores of 97–93 on two maps and 96–94 on the 3rd to claim his sixth consecutive victory.

It wasn’t easy at first for the former Turkish Olympian Demirezen. This, like Kownacki, who had lost his two previous fights against Robert Helene, came out with both hands pulling. Kownacki landed over 30 punches in each of the first two rounds using a jab and a hard right hand behind him and scoring to the body as well.

However, Eren Demirezen, now 17-1, 12 KOs, seemed to relish Kownacki’s best punch and then gained confidence that he would be able to land his own without being hurt in return. Demirezen repeatedly smashed Kownacki’s head back with hard right hands throughout the rest of the fight And, he also landed some solid uppercuts on the inside, as Kownacki, now 20-3, was clearly a tired fighter from the fifth round.

There were no knockdowns in the fight and neither fighter had any serious issues, but clearly The Turk Eren Demirezen was in command.

Kownacki tried to rally in the ninth round, posting his best trick since the start of the fight by scoring with combinations and having his Polish fan base in Brooklyn rise up screaming his name once again. But at the end Demirezen resisted and won the 10th round by scoring with his own combinations and slicing Kownacki’s left eye.

Victory almost assures Eren Demirezen that he will get a bigger heavyweight for the Premier Boxing Champions in the near future. And, on the other side, Kownacki’s third straight loss further erodes his market value.

Kownacki had looked like a possible title contender before Helenius shocked him with a TKO in March 2020. A year and a half later in October last year, Helenius again shut down Kownacki and put his career on hold. true crossroads before Saturday.

And, even though Kownacki took the hits and fought back, he just wasn’t good enough against an evenly matched fighter.

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