Dollar General presents the evolution of the retail media network, DGMN

Enhanced Media Network aims to better serve rural communities with unique audience insights and closed-loop reporting, adding value to customers and brand partners

Dollar General Corp. (NYSE: DG) today announced the evolution of its media network, DGMN, which debuted in 2018. DGMN aims to unlock the next generation of growth for the retailer’s advertising partners by exceeding benchmarks, standards industry and more. With DGMN, Dollar General provides access to real-time data with trusted brands to help them serve DG’s unique customer base at more than 18,000 stores in 47 states, completing more than two billion transactions annually.

With the ability to reach over 90% of DG’s active customers through paid media, DGMN enables advertisers to build digital and physical awareness, drive purchase decision and position DG as the retailer of choice for consumers looking for many of America’s most trusted brands. With approximately 75% of DG stores currently serving markets of 20,000 people or less, DGMN solutions create more meaningful connections between partners and customers, engaging with hard-to-reach customers potentially overlooked by marketing tactics. traditional digital.

“The next iteration of Dollar General’s retail media network, DGMN, is a significant evolution as we seek to better serve our markets and customers, especially those in rural areas, with the brands and products they desire. “, said Charlene Charles, head of DG. Media Network Operations. “Typically, digital platforms focus their delivery on high-volume efficiency games, which naturally gravitate towards more densely populated markets for optimization. DG’s first-party data fills this gap, allowing brands to leverage our unduplicated, expanded, and accelerated reach. »

“At Dollar General, we know our customers well and we continue to identify ways in which we can better serve our communities – not only through our physical stores, but also digitally,” continued Charles. “DGMN provides digital solutions specifically tailored to our customers with a more convenient, frictionless and personalized shopping experience.”

Dollar General’s commitment to improving media through DGMN is evident in the thoughtful insourcing of capabilities, such as sales, customer success, business intelligence and analytics, balanced with strategic technology partnerships.

DGMN’s strategic partners include the largest independent demand-side platform, The Trade Desk; Live Ramp for data collaboration, including advanced data cleanroom features; Google Ad Manager for on-site and in-app inventory management; and Goodway Group for its unparalleled expertise in digital media strategy, planning and buying. These partnerships are brought together in a proprietary, audience-centric solution rooted in transparency, providing closed-loop 1:1 metrics, insights, and reporting that identifies both attribution and incrementality.

The over four million monthly active users of the Dollar General app also constantly interact with current integrated platforms to discover DG digital coupons, explore DG’s weekly announcement, pre-purchase and engage in e-commerce. Ongoing engagement plays a vital role in expanding DGMN’s audience-focused media design.

The evolved media network now includes 21 new advertising partners, representing brands like Unilever®General Mills®Hershey’s® and Colgate Palmolive®. In particular, Unilever® has worked with Dollar General’s media network since 2018.

“From the start, DGMN has been a truly collaborative partner, continuously working to build capacity and drive our mutual business,” said Jayme Jansky, Field Customer Marketing Manager at Unilever. “Working with DGMN, we can develop campaigns rooted in data-driven insights to strategically connect with and convert key audiences among their growing marketable profiles.”

DGMN adds to Dollar General’s existing list of digital offers, which includes DG Self-Checkout, DG Pickup, DG Digital Coupons, DG’s Cart Calculator and Shopping List, DG Rewards and the DG App.

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