Declassification of former Bosnia text to “distract” from allegations Janša wants to change the borders of the Balkans

STA, June 11, 2021 – Former Slovenian President Milan Kučan believes that the government’s declassification of a 2011 document on other possible paths in the process of constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, compiled by him, is a measure to deflect attention from allegations that Prime Minister Janez JanÅ¡a has been circulating an unofficial document on border redistribution in the Western Balkans.

Janša denies encouraging ethnic breakup of Bosnia as Islamist group protests in Sarajevo

“I understand that the government’s decision to remove the confidentiality label from the document distracts attention from the criticism leveled at the Prime Minister regarding the release of an unofficial document on border changes in South Eastern Europe,” said Kučan at the STA on Friday.

It comes after the government said Thursday it declassified a document dated January 26, 2011 on “possible new avenues for a successful process of constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

In the announcement, the Government Communication Office (UKOM) noted that the document was created on the basis of a decision by the government in power at the time.

It was the government of Borut Pahor (2008-2011) that appointed the first Slovenian president, Milan Kučan, special rapporteur on Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2010.

According to Kučan, the document has already been published in a book by historian Božo Repe, and “is no secret”.

The document published on the government website today is indeed identical to the document published in the book mentioned by Kučan. And this is not the document that news portal Necenzurirano released in April claiming it was the non-paper attributed to Slovenia.

However, it is not yet clear whether this is the document the government is referring to, as the STA is still awaiting government approval to access the document.

The government said yesterday that, “considering that the contents of the document have been largely known to the public for several weeks, the conditions required for this document to retain classified status no longer exist.”

This is probably a reference to the content of the document which may be similar to that of the alleged non-paper on border changes in the Western Balkans.

Kučan told STA that he prepared the report for Borut Pahor’s government at the time when the prime minister was due to speak about Bosnia and Herzegovina at a European Council session.

“I’m talking mainly about the need for the EU to take more interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is, as I wrote, a non-functioning state, to put it back on its feet so that it can be able to negotiate the terms of EU membership. ,” he added.

Kučan stressed that his report could in no way be compared to the controversial non-paper which allegedly talks about new borders in the Western Balkans. He has been unofficially labeled as Slovenian because some media reported Janša helped broadcast him, which the prime minister denies.

“There is not a single word in my document on changing the borders,” said the former president, adding that the government’s decision was intended to distract from the non-paper, the discussion of which did not could be concluded in this way.

“I said about the non-newspaper in an interview with a Bosnian TV station (…) that the prime minister of my country denies this and if he says so, then we should probably believe him,” he said. added Kučan.

Pahor, who is currently serving his second term as president of the republic, also challenged the government’s declassification of the document, saying it should have been kept confidential.

“This report is not intended for the public, but for policy makers and I think it should have remained so,” he told reporters during his visit to the Muslim Cultural Center in Ljubljana today.

The President noted that it was a document with a title, date and signer, and that he had asked Kučan to compile it as expected of Slovenia in a debate on Bosnia. to have “special knowledge given his experience on the subject”.

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