D’Amelio’s family donate insane money just because they subscribe to YouTube


The D’Amelio family started handing out huge sums of money to their fans after winning the Mr. Beast Creative Game Contest on YouTube, which sparked some controversy.

Charli D’Amelio, the TikToker who brought the family to stardom, has over 104 million followers at the time of writing. His sister Dixie has 47.8 million followers. As a result, the family as a whole has participated in the big trends online.

In October, the normally drama-free family found themselves at the center of an online controversy after winning the Mr. Beast Creator games, taking home $ 300,000 for their fans.

Many critics accused the D’Amelios of cheating, referring to times on the show when Dixie appeared to be looking at her phone for answers to trivial questions from the Games or claiming that the girls’ parents were looking for the answers for them (which had initially not been invited to participate).

Instagram: official from the D’Amelio family

D’Amelio’s family were accused of cheating in October

Subsequently, on their 2 Chix podcast, the sisters respond to accusations, with Charli adding: “I feel like it was just a big misunderstanding. People also think we are keeping the money, which is not 100% true.

In a video, December 28 the family said that they would give the money directly to subscribers of their family YouTube channel during the month of January.

Now, they have finally started distributing their winnings to their fans, posting the winners’ social media IDs online. In the first installment, the D’Amelio family tweeted, “As you may have heard, we won the Mr. Beast Creator Games Quiz Contest on YouTube. We won $ 300K to give to our YouTube subscribers.

“We have decided to donate $ 10,000 per day for the month of January. Congratulations to the first group of our $ 10,000 per day winners. More to come this week! “

Now that the top ten winners have been announced, over the next 20 days of January, one lucky member of the D’Amelio family will receive $ 10,000 every day. All you need to do to have a chance of winning is subscribing to D’Amelio Family YouTube channel.


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