Cenat is now the second most subtitled streamer on Twitch, beating xQc

Streamer Kai Cenat has taken another step forward, this time beating Felix “xQc” Lengyel to take the spot as the second most captioned streamer on Twitch.

Cenat blew up on Twitch recently. It first made headlines in August after hitting 60,000 subscribers. This shocked many people who felt they had never heard of the content creator before. But this was due to two reasons.

The first was that Cenat started his career on YouTube, bringing many of his subscribers with him when he started broadcasting. He has millions of fans on YouTube which is why he was able to have such a huge following on Twitch despite only being there for 1.5 years.

The second reason was a lack of support from Twitch, according to some streamers. Asmongold accused Twitch of “racism” for not featuring the growing streamer, though others expressed that Cenat lacked “marketability” due to its language.

Despite the controversy, Cenat continued to closely follow xQc in the sub-department. Now, however, Cenat has officially passed the Juicer.

Kai Cenat Gets Emotional After Passing xQc Sub Account

Cenat was live on September 23 when he officially dropped xQc’s subreddit. As his viewers went wild, Cenat announced that he got a call from his mother.

“Congratulations, my son! You are number one,” she exclaimed.

His mother said everyone was so proud of him and what he was working on. While he’s only been on Twitch for a year and a half, Cenat has been creating content for a while now.

“I’m so happy to be your mother. I want to let the world know that you worked hard like that. […] They just find out. My son works hard. It’s a grinder. Every day every night. And he gives me the world,” his mother continued.

At this point, Cenat started tearing up. Wiping his eyes, it was clear that Cenat was moved by his mother’s praise and happiness. He was a new facet of the usually loud and abrasive prankster.

While Cenat beat xQc, the number one streamer on subscriber lists is Casimito, a content creator from Brazil. He currently has 138,000 subscribers according to Twitch Tracker. At this time, Cenat has 83.8 thousand and xQc has 82.5 thousand.

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