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Our poll which took place on Sunday, June 13, found that traditional imperial measures such as pints, inches and pounds should be reintroduced. The request came from Shipley MP Philip Davies, who urged the government to allow the sale of goods in Imperial measures only.

The first treaties of accession to the European Union, formerly the European Economic Community (EEC), obliged the United Kingdom to incorporate into law a commitment to imperial measures in the 1970s. asked people, “Should Boris Johnson reintroduce the Imperial measures now that the UK is out of the EU?” “

Our poll found that 6,105 people (70.8% of those surveyed) answered Yes and hoped the Imperial measures were about to return.

Meanwhile, 115 of 8,611 respondents (1.33%) said no and appeared to express a preference for the metric system.

2,391 people (27.7%) said they were not sure about the survey.

Despite the majority of votes in favor, Britons polled in the polls expressed a divided opinion on the viability of the plans, with concerns about the costs.

A respondent in favor of a return to imperialism said: “I want the imperial measures reinstated just to stir up the insidious EU and to show that we are truly out of their control and that we are a sovereign nation and not an EU supplicant. “

Another respondent claimed that a change to imperial could “cause mental health issues” for many young people who have grown up on metric measurements.

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They added, “I can use both without any problem, I’m 74 and learned both in school, I loved solving problems with robot fractions and decimals.”

But a respondent in favor of the metric system said, “The metric system is so much easier to use, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

A second respondent pointed out: “Could do without the hassle of sending the whole conversation to imperial, it would cost a fortune and confuse the younger generations, good idea though.”

Responding to calls for the introduction of Imperial measures, Business Minister Paul Scully said: “The government recognizes that some people prefer to use Imperial units in their everyday life.

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“At the same time, he recognizes that many others are unfamiliar with Imperial units and that the use of metrics is a necessity for UK businesses to compete in markets around the world.”

But he stressed: “Now that we have left the EU, we will consider whether other limited exemptions can be applied for other traditional uses.”

Warwick Cairns, spokesperson for the British Weights and Measures Association, said Britons should be free to use whatever system of measurement they want.

He made it clear that modern scales that have the ability to switch between imperial and metric measurements are now “completely mainstream”.


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