BMLL launches a no-code visual application

  • BMLL Vantage gives market participants access to the most detailed Tier 3 order book data and analytics to understand market behavior without the need to code
  • Easy access to the powerful product gives users the ability to create analytical visualizations from comprehensive order book data
  • Collaborative functionality allows analysis to be shared between teams or exported to clients, enabling better and faster decision-making

BMLL, the leading independent provider of harmonized historical data and analytics, has launched BMLL Vantage, an intuitive visual no-code data and analytics application for US and European stocks and ETFs. BMLL Vantage offers a wide range of market participants, including traders, analysts, quants, exchanges and ETF issuers, access to the most detailed Tier 3 order book data and analysis to understand market behavior without the need to code.

BMLL has a proven track record of delivering Level 3 historical data and analysis to the world’s most sophisticated capital market participants, including banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, hedge funds, global exchange groups and academic institutions. BMLL removes the need for costly data engineering by providing market players with high-quality, granular market data in a scalable data science environment, enabling researchers and quants to perform the analysis needed to truly understand market behavior.

In response to the growing demand for industry-wide quantitative resources, BMLL Vantage further democratizes access to Tier 3 backlog data and analytics by removing the need to code in order to gain meaningful insights. .

BMLL Vantage is a highly intuitive data visualization and analytics tool that makes quantitative insights available to a broader user base while freeing up quants’ time to focus on deeper research.

BMLL Vantage users include:

  • Traders who need to understand market fragmentation, liquidity profiles and the impact of different trading mechanisms on available liquidity
  • Stock analysts who need to understand how their site compares to their peers, analyze daily market share movements and liquidity profiles, spreads, order rest times and fill probabilities
  • ETF issuers who need to understand how their products compete in different markets; get a quick and easy view of all markets. They are able to condense the data into a series of graphs that they can use to make more informed decisions based on the data
  • Quantitative researchers who need to obtain valuable information quickly. They have a flexible exploration tool that allows them to spot trends before using the BMLL Data Stream or BMLL Data Lab to run queries against the relevant underlying data.

Paul Humphrey, Managing Director of BMLL, said“BMLL Vantage is an out-of-the-box data science and visualization tool that continues our mission to democratize access to the most granular Tier 3 market data and analytics. This has typically been the preserve of most sophisticated quantitative companies, BMLL Vantage goes one step further: it provides the quantitative research that only quants could previously perform, giving non-technical users insights that would otherwise require a quantum resource.”

With just a few clicks, users can view aggregated daily, monthly, or yearly datasets and the correlations between them; compare the performance of stocks in different markets; and sort and explore data through simple, easy-to-use dashboards without the need for a quantitative analyst, data scientist, or cloud computing resource.

Dr Elliot Banks, Chief Product Officer, BMLL added: “With BMLL Vantage, we offer everyone in the market a no-code data analytics visualization tool that is intuitive, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.

He added: “BMLL Vantage enables users to access and share granular information to make more informed decisions within their organization. Users can easily build a ‘market view’, come back to run the same analysis daily, share that view across the team with its built-in collaboration feature, and even export plots and data for further analysis. .

A web-based platform, BMLL Vantage is UI-driven, easily accessible through APIs, and has been purpose-built to deliver exceptional analytics with a focus on user experience.

BMLL Vantage offers all market practitioners complete market transparency into the BMLL Equities and ETF universe from over 65 execution venues and covering 485 metrics categorized into 14 groups (Auction Analysis, Volatility, Market Impact, execution market, trade quality, trade price, liquidation cost; OHLC bars; liquidity depth; spread; liquidity classification; site price quality; order placement statistics; trade execution behavior orders; and liquidity around BBO).

Source: BMLL

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