As retailers prepare their Christmas ads, consumers turn to Amazon and Instagram for giveaways

Christmas looks like a frugal affair to many with 44% of consumers citing the Covid-19 pandemic as having had an impact on their spending plans, with cost (35%) and value (34%) being at the top of the tree for this year’s essential gifts.

The survey of 2,000 adults conducted by the UGC Bazaarvoice platform indicates that the main beneficiaries of this savvy spending shift should be Amazon and Instagram with 49% of cash-strapped shoppers now buying online more often than they are. they were not before the pandemic (up to 58% in the UK).

What is most likely to influence consumers this Christmas

  • 7% of Brits prefer detailed reviews over general product ratings, which is in stark contrast to their cousins ​​in the US and France, where 17% stick to the overall rating.

  • More than a third (36%) of UK consumers say they will choose between two products based on price, followed by 31% in favor of product reviews.

  • Amazon is set to become the retail platform of choice this holiday season with 57% of Britons looking for gift ideas and 74% planning to buy from the global platform.

  • Younger consumers are more likely to venture off the beaten path with 46% of 18-24 year olds (Gen Z) citing Instagram as the most important platform for ideas.

  • No one, however, can surpass Facebook as the most influential platform for buying giveaways, with 21% flocking to the Blue Banner, ahead of Instagram and Pinterest with 19% and 11% respectively.

  • Suzin Wold, SVP Marketing, Bazaarvoice, said: “… where brands and retailers can win is by delivering a fantastic customer experience and different value. “

  • Wold points out that younger generations identify more personally with brands and rely heavily on social media for purchasing decisions, stressing the importance of “storytelling, visuals and authentic influencers” to drive engagement .

  • Wold concluded, “Social media should be used to create a more unique shopping experience that sets brands and retailers apart from Amazon. “

What will Christmas be like for brands this year?

  • Boots gave a first indication of where the brands are heading with a concession that this year is “unlike any other”.

  • Successful Christmas Announcements will be among the first victims with 63% of respondents saying that brands should avoid ostentatious displays of festive largesse in favor of a more frugal approach.

  • Aoife McGuinness, neuroscience consultant at HeyHuman, told The Drum why post-lockdown planning will be crucial for marketers get into the minds of customers.

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