As for the cryptocurrency, it has increased by 42% in the last 7 days.


Quant (QNT-USD) The cryptocurrency is currently on a 42.58% bullish momentum over the past 7 days. At 8:10 p.m. EST on Monday, June 14, Quant (QNT-USD) is at $ 60.81.


The latest volume reported today for Quant is 12,460,929, which is 68.4% above its average volume of 7,399,550.8.

All the time up and down

Quant’s current value is $ 60.81, down 2.72% from its all-time high of $ 62.61 on Wednesday, May 19.

Quant’s current value is $ 60.81, which is 28,128.62% above its all-time low of $ 62.61 on Thursday, August 23.

Market capitalization and supply

Quant’s current market cap is 784,193,826. The total supply is 14,612,493.00, the maximum supply is 14,612,493.00 and the outstanding supply is 12,874,667.47.

Quant range (QNT-USD)

As for Quant’s daily highs and lows, it is up 60.41% from its 7-day low of $ 37.91 and 0.83% from its high of 7 days of $ 61.32.

Social status

Currently, Quant (QNT-USD) has 28,364 Twitter followers and 4,344 Reddit followers.


Quant’s current volatility last week, last month and last quarter was 0.64%, 1.26% and 6.10%, respectively.

Quant’s current volatility rank, which measures the volatility of a financial asset (the change between the lowest and highest value in a period), was 3.19% (last week), 8, 59% (last month) and 6.10% (last quarter), respectively. .

Crypto price classification

According to the Stochastic Oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, Quant’s crypto is considered oversold (

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin climbs to nearly $ 40,000 after Elon Musk says Tesla will resume crypto payments when mining is cleaner According to Business Insider, on Monday, June 14, “when there is confirmation of reasonable use (around 50%) of clean energy by miners with a positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing Bitcoin transactions, ”the billionaire said in a tweet.

Should you invest in a Bitcoin will go ?. According to The Motley Fool on Saturday, June 12, “First and foremost, investing in Bitcoin in an IRA or elsewhere only makes sense if you have carefully assessed your tolerance for risk and decided that you can handle huge fluctuations. . “,” The problem with investing retirement money in Bitcoin is that today’s nest egg of $ 330,000 could be worth a lot less when you need it. “

Bitcoin hits its highest level since May as chartists envision $ 50,000. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, June 14, “After a volatile weekend, Bitcoin once again surpassed $ 40,000, hitting its highest level in more than two weeks.”, “For Bitcoin to resume this rally, I think you’re gonna need to see more widespread legitimate adoption. “

Musk tells Tesla to use Bitcoin transactions when mining cleaner. According to Bloomberg Quint on Sunday, June 13, “Trading will resume” when there is confirmation of reasonable (around 50%) clean energy use by miners with a positive future trend, “Musk said after confirming that the electric car maker had sold about 10% of its Bitcoin holdings. “,” Tesla Inc. will resume authorization of Bitcoin transactions when the digital coin mining is done with cleaner energy, Elon Musk said in a statement. tweet Sunday. “

Bitcoin jumps after musk says Tesla could use it again. According to FX Empire on Monday, June 14, “when there is confirmation of reasonable (around 50%) clean energy use by miners with a positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing Bitcoin transactions,” Musk said. on Twitter Sunday.

More news on Quant (QNT-USD).


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