Shelly EM user manual (English (2024)

Shelly EM user manual (English (1)


2 Channel WiFi Energy Meter


N - Neutral input (110-230V AC);

L - Line input (110-230V AC);

O - Output for contactor control (max 2A);

P1+ - Positive connection of current transformer 1

P1- - Negative connection of current transformer 1

P2+ - Positive connection of current transformer 2

P2- - Negative connection of current transformer 2

The Dual WiFi Energy Meter, Shelly® EM by Allterco Robotics

is intended to be mounted into a standard in-wall console or

next to the breakers, in order to monitor the electric power

through it, independent for each channel and heavy-duty con-

tactor control. Shelly may work as a standalone Device or as

an accessory to a home automation controller.

Purpose of control: Operating

Construction of control: Independently mounted

Type 1.B Action

Pollution Degree 2

Impulse Voltage: 4000 V

Power supply:

110-230V ±10% 50/60Hz AC

Max measurement per channel:


Relay Max Load:


Complies with EU standards:

- RE Directive 2014/53/EU

- LVD 2014/35/EU

- EMC 2004/108/WE

- RoHS2 2011/65/UE

Working temperature:

– 40°C up to 40°C

Radio signal power:


Radio protocol:

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


2400 – 2500 MHz;

Operational range (depending on local construction):

- up to 50 m outdoors

- up to 30 m indoors


39 x 36 x 17 mm

Electrical consumption:

< 1 W

Technical Information

Control through WiFi from a mobile phone, PC, automation

system or any other Device supporting HTTP and/or UDP


Microprocessor management.

CAUTION! Danger of electrocution. Mounting the Device

to the power grid has to be performed with caution.

CAUTION! Do not allow children to play with the button/

switch connected the Device. Keep the Devices for remote

control of Shelly (mobile phones, tablets, PCs) away from


Introduction to Shelly




is a family of innovative Devices, which allow remote

control of electric appli-ances through mobile phone, PC or

home automation system. Shelly


uses WiFi to connect to

the devices controlling it. They can be in the same WiFi net-

work or they can use remote access (through the Internet).



may work standalone, without being managed by a

home automation controller, in the local WiFi network, as well

as through a cloud service, from everywhere the User has

Internet access.



has an integrated web server, through which the User

may adjust, control and monitor the Device. Shelly


has two

WiFi modes - access Point (AP) and Client mode (CM). To

operate in Client Mode, a WiFi router must be located within

the range of the Device. Shelly


devices can communicate

directly with other WiFi devices through HTTP protocol.

An API can be provided by the Manufacturer. Shelly



may be available for monitor and control even if the User is

outside the range of the local WiFi network, as long as the

WiFi router is connected to the Internet. The cloud function

could be used, which is activated through the web server of

the Device or through the settings in the Shelly Cloud mobile


The User can register and access Shelly Cloud, using either

Android or iOS mobile applications, or any internet browser

and the web site:

Installation Instructions

CAUTION! Danger of electrocution! The mounting/ in-

stallation of the Device should be done by a qualied person


CAUTION! Danger of electrocution! Do not connect the

current transformer clamp to the Line, before wiring it to

Shelly EM. Even if only the current transformer is connected,

there might be high voltage accross its connection cables.

CAUTION! Danger of electrocution. Even when the Device

is turned off, it is possible to have voltage across its clamps.

Every change in the connection of the clamps has to be done

after ensuring all local power is powered off/disconnected.

CAUTION! Do not connect the Device to appliances ex-

ceeding the given max load!

CAUTION! Connect the Device only in the way shown in

these instructions. Any other method could cause damage

and/or injury.

CAUTION! Before beginning the installation please read

the accompanying documentation carefully and completely.

Failure to follow recommended procedures could lead to mal-

function, danger to your life or violation of the law. Allterco

Robotics is not responsible for any loss or damage in case of

incorrect installation or operation of this Device.

CAUTION! Use the Device only with power grid and ap-

pliances which comply with all applicable regulations. short

circuit in the power grid or any appliance connected to the

Device may damage the Device.

RECOMMENDATION: Тhe Device may be connected to

and may control electric circuits and appliances only if they

comply with the respective standards and safety norms.

Initial Inclusion

Initial Inclusion

Before installing/mounting the Device ensure that the grid is

powered off (turned down breakers).

Connect Shelly EM to the power grid and install it in the con-

sole following the scheme that suites the desired purpose.

You may choose if you want to use Shelly with the Shelly

Cloud mobile application and Shelly Cloud service. You can

also familiarize yourself with the instructions for Manage-

ment and Control through the embedded Web interface.

Control your home with your voice

All Shelly devices are compatible with Amazon Echo and

Google Home.

Please see our step-by-step guide on:




Shelly Cloud gives you opportunity to control and adjust all



Devices from anywhere in the world.

You only need an internet connection and our mobile applica-

tion, installed on your smartphone or tablet.

To install the application please visit Google Play (Android - g.

3) or App Store (iOS - g. 4) and install the Shelly Cloud app.


The rst time you load the Shelly Cloud mobile app, you have to

create an account which can manage all your Shelly



Forgotten Password

In case you forget or lose your password, just enter the e-mail

address you have used in your registration. You will then re-

ceive instructions to change your password.

WARNING! Be careful when you type your e-mail address

during the registration, as it will be used in case you forget

your password.

After registering, create your rst room (or rooms), where you

are going to add and use your Shelly devices.

Shelly Cloud gives you opportunity to create scenes for auto-

matic turning on or off of the Devices at predened hours or

based on other parameters like temperature, humidity, light

etc. (with available sensor in Shelly Cloud).

Shelly Cloud allows easy control and monitoring using a mo-

bile phone, tablet or PC.

Device Inclusion

To add a new Shelly device, install it to the power grid fol-

lowing the Installation Instructions included with the Device.

Step 1

After the installation of Shelly in the console behind the pow-

er socket/light switch and the power is turned on Shelly will

create its own WiFi Access Point (AP).

WARNING: In case the Device has not created its own WiFi

network with SSID like shellyem-35FA58 check if you have

connected Shelly correctly by the schemes described above.

If you do not see an active WiFi network with SSID like shelly-

em-35FA58, reset the Device. In order to reset the device,

you will need physical access to it. On the back of the device,

you will see a button. Press and hold it for 10 seconds. Shelly

should return to AP Mode. If not, please repeat or contact our

customer support at:

Step 2

Choose “Add Device”.

In order to add more Devices later, use the app menu at the

top right corner of the main screen and click “Add Device”.

Type the name (SSID) and password for the WiFi network, to

which you want to add the Device.

Step 3

If using iOS: you will see the following screen:

Press the home button of your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Open

Settings > WiFi and connect to the WiFi network created by

Shelly, e.g. shellysem-35FA58.

If using Android: your phone/tablet will automatically scan

and include all new Shelly Devices in the WiFi network that

you are connected to.

Upon successful Device Inclusion to the WiFi network you will

see the following pop-up:

Step 4:

Approximately 30 seconds after discovery of any new Devic-

es оn the local WiFi network, а list will be displayed by default

in the “Discovered Devices” room.


120A 50A




g. 3 g. 4

Shelly EM user manual (English (2024)


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