Bloons TD 6 – Best Strategy How to Kill Boss Bloonarius in Elite Mode (2024)

Bloons TD 6 – Best Strategy How to Kill Boss Bloonarius in Elite Mode (1)

How to defeat the new event boss, Bloonarius, in Elite mode

Step 1: Normal

Bloons TD 6 – Best Strategy How to Kill Boss Bloonarius in Elite Mode (2)
Firstly, you have to unlock Elite difficulty by defeating standard Bloonarius. I recommend being at least level 100 first, as this is pretty challenging.

Step 2: Setup

Firstly, you need to pick a hero. The classic choices are, as always, Adora, Oberyn and Sauda. However, I find Etienne to also be viable since his UAV will save you a bit of money on camo detection.

Now, early on you’re going to want to do your standard CHIMPS setup: A 4-0-2 Ninja, a 4-2-0 Alchemist, a 2-2-0 (2-0-2 if you have Etienne) Village, and then a 0-2-5 Wizard. After this, I would recommend getting the Ninja to 5-0-2 and then either surrounding him with x-4-x Ninjas to buff him, or building a 5-x-x Mortar to deal with the waves between boss rounds. Your choice!

Step 3: Early Game

At time of writing, the map for Bloonarius is Monkey Meadows, but I assume there will be other maps later. With this in mind, further towers will likely depend on the map. Since this isn’t actually CHIMPS and you still have your monkey knowledge, Farms are viable if you can squeeze them in. Other than that, as a general rule of thumb:

4-0-2 Subs deal great AOE for water maps! Always have at least one on a map with any water, but for heavier water maps you should invest in some other subs and some 5-x-x and x-5-x Pirates as well.

For maps with lots of straight lines, the Dartling gunners can be extremely powerful! Personally I use 5-x-2 supported by 4-x-x to make use of the monkey knowledge that creates pools where the lasers connect, but the other two paths are also very powerful. I leave them locked, but unlock them when Bloonarius appears. You’ll need them.

If you’re in a comfortable position, you should be working towards a Sun God or Dark Sun God. Bloonarius is insanely strong and you’ll need the firepower.

Other than that, stick with high damage, single target towers. Range upgrades are essential to hurt Bloonarius.

Step 4: 5 Star Bloonarius

Get absolutely steamrolled by his 40 mil HP.

Now you’ll need to exit the game and head into your steam library: find Bloons TD 6 and right click it. Now you’ll want to go down to the ‘Manage’ section and select uninstall. Then, go back to the manage section and select ‘Hide this game’. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you do both, this is essential to defeating Bloonarius.


To be certain that you’ve defeated Bloonarius: unplug your PC/turnoff your laptop/device of choice. Now you’ll need to take it to your nearest beach. Procure a boat. It doesn’t matter how, but I recommend hijacking.

To do that, simply wait until somebody docks their boat. Strike up a conversation with the owner, displaying interest in their boat. Ask them what they use it for and how long they’ve had it. This lowers their guard, making it easier to dispatch them. You’ll be returning the boat, so it’s okay! Now push them overboard, or subdue them, or trick them into leaving the boat! Personally, I called upon the dark powers beyond the edges of space of time in an ancient, forbidden rite to drag the elderly fisherman I had encountered into their unnatural world.

Then, take the boat out! Realistically we only need to go about 100 metres out, but you want to make sure Bloonarius is defeated, right? Go out at least five kilometres. I went about a hundred kilometres out. Now, dump your PC/laptop/device of choice into the ocean. Shed a tear of relief knowing that the evil is finally, truly, defeated.

Now go back, return the boat to it’s owner, and flee into the night. Remember not to leave any fingerprints or other possibly DNA identifier behind!


Now comes what might be the hardest part: ensuring that Bloonarius doesn’t return. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend getting aversion therapy to Bloons TD 6. This way, there is no chance you’ll face Bloonarius again.

Hope this guide helped! Remember, the secret is to only cry on the inside!

Written by guygombaa

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Bloons TD 6 – Best Strategy How to Kill Boss Bloonarius in Elite Mode, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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Bloons TD 6 – Best Strategy How to Kill Boss Bloonarius in Elite Mode (2024)


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