Analysis of day 3 of MBA CET 2021 – Paper based on quantifications in team 2; Successful attempts over 150

State CET Cell, Maharashtra hosted the third day of the MBA CET 2021 exam today September 18, 2021. The MBA CET 2021 exam was conducted in two shifts, one in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and again in the morning. afternoon from 2 a.m. PM at 4:30 p.m. Post-exam analysis of the two-quarter exam questionnaire is available here.

Update 1

Difficulty level

According to reports, the difficulty level of the questionnaire in the general context was easy to moderate on the morning shift exam. At the section level, the easiest questions were asked from the topics based on quantitative skills and logical reasoning. Moderate difficulty questions were asked based on abstract reasoning topics. Although the verbal ability was easy, the inclusion of new types of questions flagged by candidates was an element of surprise.

Important topics

Approximately 60 questions were asked by Logical Reasoning and another 60 by Quantitative Ability. 30 questions were asked from abstract reasoning and 50 questions were asked from verbal ability and reading comprehension.

The arrangements, the boxes, the blood relations, etc. were the most important topics in logical reasoning, while quantum questions mainly concerned such topics as arithmetic, number series, geometry, modern mathematics, algebra, and data interpretation.

The Cloze test and reading comprehension were common in the Verbal Ability section and other important topics included vocabulary, antonyms / synonyms, error correction etc. In abstract reasoning, questions based on analogy and series have been asked.

Good attempts

While the overall difficulty level of the quiz was easy to moderate, candidates indicated that they could solve a significantly higher number of questions above the marks of 150 out of 200. The number of good attempts in the first East shift exam is expected to hit 160 out of 200.

Shift 2

Difficulty level

Candidates reported that, as with the Shift 1 exam, the Shift 2 quiz consisted of out-of-order questions, that is, there was no sectional arrangement of the questions. However, in the general context, the difficulty level of the second shift test was easy to moderate, as reported by candidates who took the test today. Candidates reported that in quantitative ability, some of the topics such as mensuration and geometry were of moderate difficulty.

Important topics

Candidates appearing for today’s MBA CET 2021 exam in the second shift indicated that the question paper was heavily dominated by questions based on quantitative aptitude. Candidates reported that approximately 80 to 90 questions were asked on topics based on quantitative aptitude during the second shift exam.

According to candidate post-exam reports, questions were asked based on data interpretation, geometry, measurement, time and labor, etc. Questions based on series of numbers were also asked in this section.

Candidates also reported that vocabulary-based questions were present in the second shift exam. Fewer questions were asked using logical reasoning.

Good attempts

The overall number of successful attempts at the second shift exam remained lower than that of the first shift exam, as reported by candidates. We could attempt about 155 questions with precision. Overall, the number of successful attempts should be between 150 and 155.

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