AmEx’s NBA Jersey Assurance: What It Is & How It Works

Do you carry your NBA fandom on your back? If so, a little-known benefit can help you recover when your favorite player changes teams – and if you’re an American Express cardholder too, things get better.

It’s called Jersey Assurance, and the basic version of the perk is via the. offered Online NBA shop. If you purchase an NBA player’s team jersey through the store and that player changes teams through trade or a free agency signature within 90 days of purchase, you will receive a free replacement jersey.

If you use an American Express card for shopping, the protection is extended to almost a year.

Conditions apply though, so let’s look at the Xs and Os.

What stores do Jersey Assurance offer?

As mentioned earlier, when you purchase from the NBA Store, you get 90 day coverage no matter how you make the purchase.

You get nearly a year of coverage when you use an American Express card in the NBA store or through, or the NBA physical flagship store in New York City.

Which AmEx cards offer Extended Jersey Assurance?

All consumer and business cards offer the advantage, confirms the publisher.

What can I get as a replacement?

You can choose one of the following options:

  • The new team jersey of the player who has changed.

  • A jersey for another member of the team your player left.

The replacement is free as long as the retail price is equal to or lower than what you paid for the original jersey. (Upgrades are possible, more on that later.)

Is coverage a slam dunk?

Not necessarily. Here are some rules and requirements that could block your shot:

  • You need to submit an application: You must do this within 14 days of the announcement of the signing of the trade or the player’s free agency. The application form is here is.

  • The trade or agency signing must be announced by the team or the NBA: Authorization is based on the transactions displayed with this link. No, trade rumors on Twitter don’t count.

  • Just because your player is not on the team doesn’t mean you will automatically qualify: Trades or free agency signings qualify for coverage. But if a player resigns or is circumcised, surrendered, banned or injured, protection does not apply.

  • Changes to the player name do not count: Imagine Ron Artest becoming Metta World Peace in 2011. Nor does it count if the number or role of the player on the team changes.

  • Changes to the jersey design are also not permitted: If you make your purchase and then have the team put a new logo, design, or even a new city name on the jerseys, stick with the old version.

What happens to my old jersey?

You must pack your original jersey and return it to Jersey Assurance Customer Service. You will receive a prepaid return label as soon as you submit your complaint using the link above. There are no shipping costs for the replacement jersey.

Can I upgrade my jersey?

In cases of trades or free agency signings, you can upgrade – for a fee. NBA jerseys come in a variety of styles, from simple replicas to “authentic” versions that are identical to those worn by players in games. Just make a note during the complaint process that you want to upgrade to a more expensive model and you will pay the difference between your original and the new jersey.

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