A recap of our recommendations in Tuesday’s election

By the Editorial Board

Important statewide and local issues are on the ballot Tuesday. Voters who stay at home allow others to make the choices for them. Maintaining a strong democracy requires full voter participation. Here is a summary of the editorial board’s recommendations for Tuesday’s election:

St. Louis County Executive: Even before the pandemic threw local politics into turmoil, governance in St. Louis County was chaotic and dysfunctional. The sniping and division show no signs of waning. Democratic County Executive Sam Page, for all his claims that he was the victim of a crazy pandemic political culture, was a major contributor to the dysfunction. It is time for new leadership. After three unbroken decades of Democratic rule in the county executive office, voters must break with tradition and elect Republican Mark Mantovani. He is a political moderate who previously ran as a Democrat. Mantovani’s frank, calm and pragmatic approach is exactly what the county needs to rebuild trust and put an end to the ridiculous bickering between the incumbent administration and the county council. We recommend Mantovani for the St. Louis County Executive.

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Alderman of Saint-Louis: After this year’s council of aldermen upheaval that resulted in the indictment of the council’s president and two other members, St. Louis voters should place the highest priority on restoring stability and governability. Two aldermen, Jack Coatar and Megan Green, are vying for the post of alderman. Coatar, a moderate Democrat, is by far the best-qualified candidate to unite the board, reduce its infighting and keep the city’s business community out for lack of action on crime and other issues. . Green’s progressive agenda would push city politics too far to the far left, promising to alienate law enforcement with his police defunding proposals and send the business community into frustration. We recommend Jack Coatar for the President Alderman.

St. Louis Public Schools Board of Education: The performance of schools can greatly affect whether families stay or leave, and whether employers have an adequate talent survey for recruitment. The Board of Education has recovered from decades of turmoil and dysfunction that have contributed to declining academic performance. The current board has demonstrated its ability to conduct meetings in a professional and productive manner. Voters should not disrupt this alchemy by making bad choices. Voters are allowed two selections in this race. We recommend Emily Hubbard and David Jackson. All four of Hubbard’s children are enrolled in public schools in St. Louis – a testament to his faith that the district can provide them with a quality education. Jackson previously served from 2007 to 2015 and witnessed the previous malfunction. He owns a construction services business and is not only a graduate of St. Louis Public Schools, but also a graduate of his five district children.

Judicial preservation: St. Louis City and County Ballots Contain Lists of State Supreme Court, Eastern District Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, and Court Judges associated circuit board who are to vote on Tuesday. The drafting committee lacks the time, expertise and resources to sit in the courtrooms of the 23 judges likely to be selected. However, the Missouri Bar Association surveys attorneys who have experience in these judges’ courtrooms on a wide range of criteria. Voters should take the time to review these surveys on yourmissourijudges.org to learn about the judges whose rulings can have a profound effect on the lives of Missourians. The results of the 2022 survey found that in all cases, at all levels, judges facing stay votes were judged by lawyers in their courtrooms as “substantially meeting general judicial standards”. . Based on the survey results, we recommend that you vote “yes” to keep all the judges on the list.

Statewide Amendments 1, 3, 4, and 5 and Constitutional Convention Question: Amendment 1 would expand the list of possibilities for the state treasurer to invest funds in securities bearing higher interest. Currently, the constitution limits the treasurer to investments in federal or agency bonds. They are stable but not always the best paid. Expanding the treasurer’s options to include highly rated municipal securities or federal treasury bills gives the treasurer greater ability to maximize taxpayer benefits. Vote yes on Amendment 1.

Amendment 3 has the right goal of legalizing the sale and use of marijuana for recreational purposes, but a statewide constitutional amendment is not the right path to take. The proposed amendment is flawed and needs fine-tuning, but because it would be incorporated into the constitution, it could not be changed by the Legislative Assembly. Any changes would require more statewide modifications. Legalization should be done through the legislature, which can more quickly correct what inevitably needs to be corrected in such a law. Vote no on Amendment 3.

Amendment 4 is a measure broadly supported by Republicans aimed specifically at the state-run Kansas City Police Department. Although presented as constitutional authorization for the state to increase funding for this police force – and to formally block any movement in police funding – this measure could help consolidate state control in instead of restoring local control. Vote no on Amendment 4.

Amendment 5 proposes to create a State Department of the National Guard with a cabinet position for the Adjutant General of the Guard so that the governor and general can better coordinate in times of crisis. The measure is unnecessary because there is currently no barrier between the governor and the adjutant general, and there is no evidence that they have had difficulty coordinating during previous crises. This measure appears to be a quick way to politicize a military position that must stay away from politics. Vote no on Amendment 5.

Every 20 years, the state constitution requires that voters be asked whether to call a constitutional convention to rewrite the document. Given the current state of Missouri and national politics, a constitutional convention would be a very bad idea and serve as a magnet for wackos and QAnon types. Vote against calling a constitutional convention.

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