A 3-step guide to embracing limitless learning

There is always more to learn. But if we were to narrow it down, one of the main areas of learning for managers would be how to make decisions surrounded by people with different points of view. It follows that learning models that focus on this are a good bet.

In addition, managers today are looking for modular formats in a shorter period of time.

We can bring many attitudes to learning. So what does it mean to take a An “unlimited”? It’s about staying people-centered in a world that is more uncertain than ever and offers so many options ranging from learning with technology to working in a myriad of different contexts.

Blended learning has become a popular way for managers to learn because it allows them to combine in-person participation in learning programs and follow-up at their convenience with the rest – anytime, anywhere.

Here are three ways to approach learning with an attitude that keeps you grounded in these times of endless flow and opportunity, and helps you make the most of your own learning while ensuring interaction with others. .

Actively watch others

Always seek conversation and debate, discover new connections, and seek a lasting network. The ability to collaborate with people whose perspectives differ from yours has never been more important and makes all the difference in a business leader.

You can still develop your critical thinking and peer interaction, which is worth more than just reading the theory. All of this will give feedback on your ability to make decisions.

It is practice makes perfect

Did you know that you forget 90% of what you learn if you don’t put it into practice? How can you avoid this? Coaching, business projects, role plays, presentations…. Simulate learning situations within your team that they can apply to the real world.

Make technology work for you

Remember: technology is a means, your learning is the end. Technology brings people together and makes it easier to interact with other humans. Don’t lose sight of him.

Adopt state-of-the-art virtual classrooms and soak up everything that has been rolled out so quickly by business schools around the world over the past year to make distance learning an unforgettable experience. Choose from face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses and get the best of both worlds.

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