The 5 quick microcredits that offer the best promotions

Within the financial market, the fast microcredit sector is one of the most competitive, since the number of companies that market these products is increasing and, as a result, the available supply has grown exponentially in recent years. This fact clearly benefits the consumer, who can take advantage of the promotions launched by the lenders to outperform the rest of their competitors. Next, we will review which are the 5 most attractive offers and we will see how we can save in the hiring of these credits.

The cheapest mini urgent loans in the market

The vast majority of promotions launched by companies that grant these products are designed to attract new customers, that is, to tempt applicants who have never contracted their services. In general, discounts are applied to the price, although some companies even offer loans without interest or commissions.

In order to benefit from offers, we must be new customers, that is, the first time we have asked for a quick mini-credit to the company. However, if we have already gone to before and have returned the money they have lent us on time, we can request a larger amount (between € 500 and € 1,000), as this will rely on our ability to repay.

How to pay the minimum when contracting fast microcredits

Although the price of mini urgent loans is usually high, if we take advantage of the mentioned promotions, we can finance small expenses at a lower cost. In addition, there are several measures we can take to further reduce the fees:

  1. Compare several quick microcredits and choose the cheapest ones. Since the offer is so wide, it is advisable that we compare several products to find out which one has the best conditions.
  2. Ask only for the money we need. As is logical, if we request a smaller amount of money, interest will accrue on a smaller capital, so the cost of the mini-loan will be lower than if we ask for a higher amount.
  3. Return the quick mini-credit as soon as possible. The interest of the quick microloans is accrued daily, so if we refund the money in less time, we will pay less. However, we must choose an expiration date that is after the day in which we collect our income to avoid complications in the payment of the fee.

Likewise, if we anticipate that we will be able to repay the loan before the expiration date arrives, it is advisable that we contract a mini credit through a company that does not charge compensation for the early repayment. In this way, we can reimburse the money ahead of time without having to pay a commission to the company and we will save money from the interest that would accrue during the days in which we did not need the loan.